Dreadbox Nymphes, 6-voice poly Synthesizer coming on September 13th

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Dreadbox newest analog poly Synthesizer Nymphes is coming on September 13, just before the doors/ tents of the Superbooth 21 open.

We have known for a while that Dreadbox is working on two new polyphonic analog synthesizers. One more compact with 6 voices with the letters NY and the successor of the Abyss with 8 voices. I reported about it a few weeks ago.

Today on a beautiful Sunday afternoon the tide has turned and the subject is picking up speed. Normally the Superbooth 21 is approaching very fast.  The name is 99% sure and the date of the official announcement, September 13th.

Dreadbox Nymphes

Dreadbox Nymphes

Not Nymph, but Nymphes is the name of the new polyphonic analog Synthesizer that Dreadbox will present shortly. Analog, because I can’t imagine anything else at Dreadbox, the analog specialists. Or I’m completely wrong. As we know from another teaser, it will have 6 voices.

Dreadbox Nymph

However, the end product won’t be that purple/pink as in the ProckGnosis Dreadbox Video, In the new teaser you can see a darker case with purple/pink accents. That would be an interesting, refreshing design.

Nothing can be said about the features. But I’m almost certain that it is analog and 6 voices. But you can see that the synth hasn’t a knob-based interface but is filled with sliders, which would be a very interesting approach. They are already following this in the Eurorack with their Chromatics modules, which I like very much.

Another question that one automatically asks: does the partnership between Dreadbox and Sinevibes continue with the Nymphes release. It would be amazing as the effects on the Typhon are lovely.

There was also a short Synth News episode on the Synth Anatomy YouTube channel.

All details will follow on September 13, 2021, two days before the official start of Superbooth 21 in Berlin. Stay tuned

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