Mosaic Intros 18 Colorful 1U Eurorack Modules That Break New Ground

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Mosaic has introduced 18 new colorful Eurorack modules for the Intellijel 1U format that are more than classic one-trick utilities. 

Today’s modular synthesizers originated in the 5U format in the Moog Modular. Big, impractical, and for many priceless. In 1995 Dieter Doepfer introduced the Eurorack format with his A-100 modular system. The advantage of this format is its compact design with the only 3U. Only many years later did the Eurorack format spread in the synthesizer world. Today it is one of the most popular modular formats.

But it didn’t stay with the 3U. Today there are 1U modules that are significantly smaller and more space-saving than classic modules. But you need a special case with a 1U row. Mosaic is a new US-based Eurorack company that is shaking up the Intellijel 1U business with modules that are more than just utilities. They go so far that all modules can form a complete 1U modular synthesizer. We’ve been waiting for something like that?

Mosaic 1U

Mosaic 1U

Mosaic is a collective group of synth lovers from Southern California. The first product release of the young company includes a total of 18 new 1U modules. It includes sound generators, effects, modulators, as well as utility modules.

Sound Generators

  • Analog VCO: CEM3340 based VCO with four waveforms (sine, triangle, sawtooth, square), 1v/oct tracking over 10 octaves, lin/exponential FM, PWM & sync
  • Bass Drum: dedicated kick voice with v/oct tracking with controls over the pitch, character, and dampening
  • Hi-Hat synth voice with manual and CV-control over timbre, decay, and noise.
  • Snare Drum synth voice with onboard saturation and shaping options for sharp snares with long noise-filled decays
  • Plucked String is an 8-voice physical modeling voice that emulates plucked string timbres using Karplus-Strong synthesis


  • ADSR envelope: classic four-stage envelope with slow and fast settings
  • Dual Linear Analog VCA gives you control over audio and modulation signals

Mosaic 1U


  • Low Pass Filter is an all-analog OTA-based 24dB filter with manual and CV control over the frequency and resonance. Plus it has 1V/oct tracking in self-oscillation.
  • Mono Reverb is a 96kHz, 24-bit audio reverb processor with controls for material, size, and blend.
  • Variable Delay is a high-fidelity DSP delay effect that runs at 96kHz, 24-bit audio with manual and CV control over the mix, time, and feedback.


  • Quantizer is a pitch quantizer module with a chromatic note interface, arpeggiator mode, ability to add slew, crate/choose scales, transpose octaves & more.
  • Four Channel Mixer with 4 DC-coupled inputs making it compatible for both audio and CV signals.
  • Clock: a configurable master clock source with knob and CV control over the clock rate, two range settings, and a pause feature via the Hold button
  • Buffered Signal Multiplier: it can copy 2 inputs to 4 outputs, or 1 input to all eight outputs with an LED indicating the level and polarity of the incoming signal.
  • Multiple is a passive multiplier for 1 input to 8 outputs or 2 ins to 4 outs each.
  • LED is a dedicated voltage response LED, perfect for testing signals and cables, visual clock pulse, or a friendly little blip to dance along with your music.
  • Line Input is a line to modular level input converter with the ability to input stereo audio, and a built-in gain knob to dial in your levels
  • Line Output is a modular level-to-line level adjustment module, with knob control over your output level to get it just right.

Exciting but also visually very appealing new 1U modules in my opinion. Interesting that there is no 1U LFO or sequencer yet. They may come later, let’s see.

The Mosaic 1U module will be available from May 26th, each available in a black or white faceplate. Prices range from $24 USD for the LED and goes up to $139 for the Plucked String module. You can switch the Intellijel 1U format to Pulp Logic for $15 USD.

More information here: Mosaic

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