Steady State Fate Triptych, Multi-FX Module For Endless Sonic Destructions

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Steady State Fate Triptych module combines a multi-mode filter, distortion & BBD effect, all re-routable and paired with extensive CV control made for sonic destructions

There is currently a positive movement in the music tech world that I really like. Developers are increasingly working closely with musicians on new products. For example, YouTuber and experimental musician Hainbach has published unique fx plugins with the Italian developer AudioThing.

This new mini-trend has already arrived in Eurorack as well. SSF (Steady State Fate) has teamed up with the new company BII Electronics. The company’s founders are no strangers. It’s Baseck and Boys Noize whose mission is to develop modules through collaborations with hardware companies. Triptych is the first result of this new collaboration.

Steady State Fate Triptych

Steady State Fate Triptych

Triptych is a new 14HP multi-fx module that features three internally re-routable effects including distortion, BBD-based flanger/comb, and a multi-mode filter. At the signal input, there is a high-gain CV-controllable VCA with an additional transistor saturation/overdrive circuit perfect to heat up and add character to the signal.

The built-in VCF is a multi-mode filter with selectable lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filter modes. Cutoff and resonance have CV control and can self-oscillate with 1V/octave tracking. Thus with high resonance, the filter acts as an oscillator and the module becomes a crazy sound generator. The filter can be routed before or after the distortion and BBD sub-section. Then, it hosts a multi-mode distortion with two distinct voltage-controllable distortion types. These are optimized to create additional waveform peaks, harmonics…

In third place is a resonant BBD-chip-based effect processor that is capable of creating fast delays, flanging, and comb-filtering effects. With the right settings, it can also generate Karplus Strong sounds, sonically reminiscent of physical modeling timbres. This has CV control over the clock, range select, regeneration, feedback type, and wet/dry mixer. Further, you can re-route the distortion and comb sections into one another what makes it even deeper. On the output, you have another high-gain VCA with CV input.

Modular Routing

The possibility to link the effects as desired and to re-route them at the end makes the module very versatile. So you can achieve different types of effects depending on how the effects are combined. The huge number of CV inputs also makes the module super flexible. This makes it possible to destroy sounds no only manually with knob twists but also with complex CV animations.

What the two companies have developed here in collaboration sounds very exciting. The combination of filter, distortion, and BBD chip effect is a perfect mix for crazy, distorted soundscapes. A module with which I would certainly have a lot of fun.

Steady State Fate Triptych is available now for $399 USD.

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