Mutable Instruments Relaunches Ripples Filter & Shades For 2020

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Not brand new, but refreshes of two current products. The differences to the old versions are not big but are nice updates for both best-selling modules.

This 2020 revisions match the design language used in the most popular and recent Mutable Instruments modules like Marbles, Plaits, or Rings.

Mutable Instruments Ripples

Ripples, Clean & Characterful Filter

Ripples is a very classic, elegant 8hp analog four-pole filter with a big sound. Available are lowpass & bandpass and the slope (2 or 4 poles) of the band-pass and low-pass outputs is switchable. The signal path of Ripples is simple but also clever. One input with a very clean sounding filter character, a second with a drive control that allows you to distort nicely the signal. It gives you enough gain for line-level signals.

All modes feature self-oscillation and can be used as a sine-wave oscillator using the V/oct input and the lowpass output. Mutable Instruments has improved the 4-pole design compared to classic design by making the filter sound loud even with high resonance. There is no loudness drop when resonance is increased.

The resonance loudness compensation circuit brings a slight tone coloration reminiscent of Japanese classics from the 80s, with a very round and liquid resonance. The lowpass output is routed through an internal VCA which mages Ripples a good final stage module.


The design of Shapes has also been adapted to the new 2020 design. It provides 3 channels of audio/CV processing which can be configured either as active attenuators or as attenuverters.

Mutable Instruments Shades

Unconnected inputs are normalized to an internal precision voltage reference, which can produce either a +5V or +10V constant voltage. Shades’ outputs are daisy-chained, allowing adjacent groups of 2 or 3 channels to be mixed together.

Mutable Instruments Ripples is available for 169€, Shades for 99€.

More information here: Mutable Instruments


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