Virsyn Cube Synth Pro, Additive Synth Journey Continues As An AUv3 App

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Virsyn Cube Synth Pro continues the success story of the well-known morphing additive Synthesizer on iOS as a new reworked AUv3-ready app.

Not only has the quantity of iOS synthesizers increased in recent years, but also their quality. Initially ridiculed, iOS sound tools are now fully-fledged sound tools with deep engines. Harry Gohs from Virsyn is one of the developers who recognized the platform’s potential early on and offered exciting synthesizers for it.

Cube Synth, for example, is a powerful morphing additive Synthesizer. This is now going into the second round as a Pro version with AUv3 support

Virsyn Cube Synth Pro

Virsyn Cube Synth Pro

Cube Synth has long been known to many iOS musicians. In Cube Synth Pro, Virsyn continues the beloved concept and gives the musician the power and complexity of additive synthesis to their iPad. A sound consists of up to four morphing sound sources. Either you use the ready-made sets (vocal, natural, analog, special) or you build your own timbres.

Here you can determine the parameters for the partials including the shape (harmonic/inharmonic spectra), pan position, and attack & decay envelope settings. Then includes morphing filter banks, and user-programmable noise spectra. Each voice can have a maximum of 512 partials. A number of high-level parameters such as Brightness and Harmonic spread control hundreds of synthesis parameters in a way modeled after the inner workings of natural instruments.

The powerful thing about these four sound sources is the ability to morph them. And not only manually but also according to a path that you can determine yourself. Cube Synth Pro uses three envelopes with 64 time/level segments with tempo sync as modulators. Further, you have a fully programmable arpeggiator/sequencer with up to 32 steps. It can trigger single notes and chords. In arp mode, you can program for each for each step you can program tie, accent, transposition, and note order. It also features a multi-level random preset generator that gives instant new sounds.

Virsyn Cube Synth Pro

Lastly, you have a versatile multi-fx processor with a chorus, phaser, overdrive, ensemble, echo/delay, and reverb effect. And a mult-level ran


Virsyn has equipped the app with all the interfaces that an iOS app must have in 2021 including AUv3 support, Audiobus 3, Ableton Link, CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI as well as Bluetooth MIDI. And it includes an audio recorder. One feature that you also have to highlight is the MPE support, which means that the engine can now be played much more expressively.


The Cube Synth app has always been a special synthesizer for iOS. The Cube Synth Pro is not a revolution but rather a good further development. The ability to use the synthesizer as an AUv3 plug-in is a huge step.

Virsyn Cube Synth Pro is available now at an introductory price of $7.99 USD. It runs as a standalone app and as an AUv3 plugin on iPadOS 12.0+ and macOS 11.0+ on Apple M1 chip.

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