Happy Nerding 4x St.Mixer, New 4HP Quad Stereo Mixer For Eurorack

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Happy Nerding shows with 4x St.Mixer a space-saving, rock-solid 4HP quad stereo mixer for Eurorack with mono & stereo operation.

A Eurorack system consists of sound generators (oscillators, sampler…), filters, modulators (envelopes, LFOs…), effects, and utility modules. The latter are essential but rather unpopular as they like to eat a lot of valuable HP in systems without making sounds. The good news: many Eurorack manufacturers have recently launched beautiful, compact modules that take up little space.

Happy Nerding has today released a neat quad mixer that could become a best-seller.

Happy Nerding 4x St. Mixer

Happy Nerding 4x St.Mixer

As the name suggests, the 4x St.Mixer is a new quad stereo mixer for the Eurorack format. With only 4HP, it is a very space-efficient module that can also be used in smaller setups. I don’t need to tell anyone that Eurorack space is precious and limited. The smaller a utility module is, the more interesting it is.

4x St.Mixer has four stereo channels (L/R) controllable with two double knobs. The small knobs control channels 1 & 3, the big ones channel 2 & 4. Thanks to the normalization of the right inputs to the left inputs, you can also use the mixer easily in mono. Then on the backside, the module has additional sockets with which you can chain several 4x St.Mixers together or with other Happy Nerding stereo modules.

The new stereo mixer from Happy Nerding looks very useful at first glance. It offers simple mono & stereo operation in a small, handy module. This could be next best-seller module after the FX Aid multi-effects module.

Happy Nerding 4x St. Mixer is available now for 110€+ VAT or $130 USD.

More information here: Happy Nerding 

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  1. Hi Tom,
    you write “The smaller a utility module is, the more interesting it is.”.

    I’ve found that too small modules tend not be used that often for tweaking sounds, because they can be hard to reach. So I’d like to change your statement as follows:

    “Modules or real estate that are meant for patching should be made quite dense, but the knobby area’s of modules should be given ample space for easy reach.”

    That is why I prefer modules that concentrate the patch points on their bottom half, giving space that the knob at the stop, without the cables getting in the way.

  2. Your use of the term ‘Quad’ in the title and article gave me false hope that this was a small affordable quad mixer. 🙂 It is perhaps better described as a stereo mixer with four stereo input channels.

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