Roland Releases Free Editor For The Jupiter-X & Jupiter-Xm Synthesizers

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The new Roland Jupiter-X/Xm graphical editor makes patch tweaking, sound management … possible from your computer in real-time.

With the Jupiter-X and Jupiter-Xm, Roland presented the next generation of their digital synthesizers in 2019. Unlike the System 1/8, these use the Zen core engine, which offers more polyphony and sound design options. Both devices convinced most of the testers in terms of sound and technology.

A point of criticism that often came up is the somewhat fiddly operation. This is mainly due to the fact that many sound features are hidden in menus. Since both Jupiter-X/Xm synthesizers have very small displays, navigating through the menus is no fun at all, especially on the compact version. The desire for an editor grew. Roland took almost two years to develop it. Now it’s here and it’s free.

Roland Jupiter-x editor

Roland Jupiter-X Editor

The new editor for both Jupiter-X synthesizers does exactly what many want. It makes the full range of features of both modern synthesizers graphically visible in one interface. It allows the user to craft sounds from the editor but also to do all the management things you expect from a classic editor. More precisely, you can build up your own library of scenes/tones, layer them, drag & drop tones together, organize setlists, and more.

Roland Jupiter-X Editor

It also includes a scene builder that gives you a graphical overview of all synth models, arpeggiators, effects…  Previously, programming new sounds on your computer were only possible with the Zenology plugin but without real-time feedback. In the Jupiter-X editor, you have all that.

It basically features an additional Zenology software version of the ZEN-Core but this time with mapped parameters. The editor includes all parameters, also these from all the modal expansions that are built on the ZEN-Core engine. In practice: if you move a parameter on the hardware synth, the software will also update the parameter in real-time and vice versa. Finally.

The new Roland Jupiter-X editor is available now as a free download from Roland Cloud (free account required) and runs on macOS and Windows. You will need to update your synth to the latest firmware and install the Roland driver on your computer.

More information here: Roland Cloud

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