Feedback Modules ARP 2600 VCF and VCA clones, sub generator, and envelope follower

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Feedback Modules releases four new modules: a VCF and VCA based on the legendary ARP 2600, a sub-generator, and an envelope follower.

Many filters in the Eurorack go back to vintage synthesizer designs such as the Minimoog, ARP 2600, Juno, and Oberheim. Yesterday, I reported on the SEMSVF, a filter based on the Oberheim SEM.

The new modules from Feedback Modules show that vintage filter replicas/clones are still a big topic not only in B world. Two of the four are based on the legendary ARP 2600 Synthesizer.

Feedback Modules 2600 VCF VCA

Feedback Modules 2600 VCF & VCA

The 2600 VCF is a new 8HP analog filter based on the legendary ARP 2600 Synthesizer. It’s a straight clone/replica and Eurorack adaption. It uses the LM3900 Norton opamp chip. You get classic filter controls with cutoff and resonance.

It has an audio input and two CV inputs for modulating the frequency. Each input has a dedicated attenuator. You can archive relatively clean to dirty and screamy timbres like the original hardware depending on the audio signal and resonance.

Feedback Modules also replicated/cloned the VCA of the ARP 2600 and put it in a module. According to the developer, it’s the best-sounding VCA in 4HP with matched and thermo-coupled transistors. The VCA 2600 gives you control over the gain, input, and CV level. There are AC and DC inputs, two CV inputs (exponential and linear), and a main output.


Then Feedback Modules also has other new modules with no ARP 2600 story. SUB is a new sub-generator module (4HP) that can produce sub-frequencies of -1 and -2 octaves to the square wave signal provided at the input jack.

There is more. The SUB also has a little mixer that will let you add different levels of -1 and -2 octave signals to the original square wave. The -2 octave signal can be either a square or pulse wave. On the connection side, you have an input, individual output for the mixed signal, and outputs for the -1 and -2 octave.

The last new module is called ENVF  and is a 4HP envelope follower based on a classic module from the seventies but with modern additions. ENVF has sockets for the input, thru, and CV/Gate inputs. The thru socket makes the original signal available for external processing.

Right on the module, you find three controls: a switch to select the response (fast, medium, slow), a pot to adjust the gate threshold, and a pot to adjust the envelope CV level.

First Impression

Nice, straightforward modules at very affordable prices. In particular, the VCF 2600 and VCA 2600 could interest anyone who owns the Behringer 2600 VCO. So you could patch a voice by combining them.

The Feedback Modules are available now: VCF 2600 costs 90€ /107,10€, VCA 2600 for 75€/89,25€, SUB and ENVF for 65€/77,35€ each.

More information here: Feedback Modules

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