AudioThing Speakers 1.2, Free Update Adds 5 New Speaker Models (VL Tone…)

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AudioThing has published a free update 1.2 for its Speakers plugin with five new speaker models (VL Tone, Computer II…), macOS 11 Big Sur support & more. 

Microphone and loudspeaker IR-based emulations can be used in a very versatile way. So you can quickly give your voice a new character. They can also be used as a sound design tool for synthesizers or drum machines sounds, giving them a vintage flair.

AudioThings Speakers plugin, which does exactly that, got a nice free update today with new content and good improvements.

AudioThing Speakers 1.2

AudioThing Speakers 1.2

Speakers is an effect plugin that emulates a wide range of loudspeakers and microphones using an advanced convolution engine. It comes with a wide range of different IR from speakers, microphones, distortions, and background noises. The effect is divided into various modules (two IR convolvers, an IR-based distortion unit, compressor, filter, and an IR-based background noise generator. that can be switched on and off at will. Plus, they offer flexible routing making it a very versatile effect processor.

The new Speakers 1.2 update adds 5 new characterful speaker models to the plugin: Computer II, Computer ZX, Retro Portable, TV 2, VL Tone. Beautiful models with whom you can add a vintage, crackling timbre to any sound. Version 1.2 also adds macOS 11 Big Sur support (Universal 2 Binary) as well as multi-language support (in beta). Then, Carlo, the developer improved the VoIP algorithm stability and sound, the GUI, loading time, and more. Speakers 1.2 also includes many bug fixes.

AudioThing Speakers 1.2 is available as a free update for existing customers. Speakers plugin costs $59 USD until the end of May.

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