DIY Moog Modular, New Synth For Look Mum No Computer’s Museum Of Everything Else

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Look Mum No Computer has bought a Moog-style DIY modular Synthesizer for his upcoming Museum of Everything Else in Ramsgate

Some go to the nearest, cozy Synthesizer shop and assemble their modular system as desired. Sure, it will be not a bargain. There are also ingenious DIY heads like Sam Battle aka Look Mum No Computer who assemble everything themselves.

In his new video, he shows a DIY Moog Modular Synthesizer that he bought online. As a reminder, the last reissue units of the MM went for $10.000 each.

Look Mum No Computer DIY Moog Modular

DIY Moog Modular Synthesizer

Ok, it doesn’t look as noble and classy as a Moog Modular but very alternative. I like the raw, unfinished DIY charm of it. Sam says that the synth will be part of the upcoming Museum Of Everything Else he’s currently planning. It will be a museum about obsolete and experimental technology, DIY synths & more.

The feature set is relatively simple. On the top,  a 960-style sequencer, 921 inspired VCO, and two VCAs. The bottom row is the basis of a classic Minimoog synth with three VCOs, VCF, two A(SR) contour generators, and a VCA. The interesting thing about this system is that the synth is already pre-patched internally. With the cables at the front, the signal can be interrupted and routed differently. It’s like a semi-modular synth.

I’m very curious to see what Sam will do out of the synth. Maybe a Look Mum No Computer-style DIY Moog Modular.

More information here: Look Mum No Computer

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