Two Behringer 2600 Blue Marvins In Comparison & In Interaction

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YouTuber Starsky Carr takes us into the depths of the two Behringer 2600 Blue Marvins, in comparison & in a beautiful interaction.

With his analog clones, Uli Behringer wants to battle against these high prices of vintage synths and try to give more musicians the opportunity to make music with these iconic sounds. His first clones are great successes like the Model D (Minimoog replica), MS-1 (SH-101), 2600 (ARP 2600)…If you compare the instruments with the originals, you often come to the conclusion that they come very very close to them but not perfect.

Often the few percent are missing to make them perfect. This is often because vintage analog synths do not have a uniform sound. Unlike today, each produced unit of an instrument had its own character. So every original Minimoog has a slightly different character. It sounds like an MM, but if you go into the details you will notice slight differences. One softer, the other harder… Here you can see the life/spirit of analog circuits.

Two Behringer Blue Marvins

Two Behringer 2600 Blue Marvins

What does the topic look like in new analog synthesizers that are built with modern components and techniques? Personally, I have never compared two identical analog synthesizers with each other. YouTuber Starsky Carr has done a great job of comparing two recently released Behringer 2600 Blue Marvins.

He compares them in detail to see if there are any sonic differences between the two identical synthesizers. Or more simply: has Behringer managed to transfer the analog spirit/mojo of the original devices in its very affordable replicas/clones?

The Blue Marvin 7200

In a second video, Starsky Carr plays two Blue Marvins at the same time and shows what you can do with two Arp 2600 Blue Marvin replicas. I leave it up to you whether you need two of these. However, it’s impressive to see to of them in action.

Behringer 2600 (orange) is available now for 599€. 2600 Blue Marvin & Gray Meanie for pre-order.

More information here: Behringer

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