Felix Turns A Simple IKEA Wardrobe Into A Modular Synthesizer Studio

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As we all know, Synthesizers take up a lot of space and once started it gets really tight in the studio. It gets more problematic, if you have very little room for a Synthesizer corner in your flat. How can you solve this problem?

Either sell some instruments, change the studio space or build a compact Synthesizer studio in a simple IKEA wardrobe. Felix from the YouTube channel The Tuesday Night Machines accepted the challenge, hacked a simple IKEA Pax and transformed it in a super clever synth studio.

Here’s What Felix Has To Say About His IKEA Synth Hack

I tried a lot of different music setups over the years. Standing at a desk, sitting at a desk, sitting on the floor, large cases, small cases, 19″ racks and so on … I found that standing upright in front of my gear feels the best to me and having a wardrobe with doors I can close to hide the mess is really nice too, when I lack a dedicated music room in the apartment.

The wardrobe also helps to keep things contained and not spreading/expanding all over the place. Too much gear doesn’t help my creativity and the PAX has a good size, just bordering on the “too much” side.

Here’s the build thread with more information and pictures: IKEA DIY SYNTH 

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