DSI Mopho, Is Dave Smith’s Compact, Budget Analog Mono Synth That Bad?

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This week AudioPilz is dedicating the DSI Mopho an entire Bad Gear episode, a very affordable analog Synthesizer with patch memory. 

In 2008 Dave Smith presented the Mopho, a fully programmable, affordable analog mono synth. The voice architecture is very similar to a single Prophet’08 voice, but with a couple of twists to make a very own instrument. Fully analog signal path with two DCO’s, two sub-oscillators, the beloved DSI lowpass filter, and a wide range of modulation possibilities (four LFOs, three ADSRs…). Plus a sequencer that is stronger than you think at first glance.

Everything you want on an affordable analog Synthesizer with patch storage. Today the trend is towards not storable, see Behringer for example. Criticisms that you hear again and again in the communities are its limited control panel and its somewhat rough sound character. The keyboard version released a little later, made the interface much more interesting.

DSI Mopho

DSI Mopho, Is Dave Smith’s Compact, Analog Mono Synth That Bad?

To be honest, the Mopho has always interested me. The interface certainly doesn’t invite you to tweak it for hours. I was particularly impressed by the sound but also by the wealth of features. Where can you still find analog mono synths for less than 300 € (second hand currently) that have two oscillators + two subs, characterful filter, 3 envelopes, 4 LFOs…. That’s pretty impressive, at least for me.

YouTuber AudioPilz took a closer look at the DSI Mopho with its charming and entertaining manner. Is the Mopho really such a bad Synthesizer? Or is it even an insider tip for anyone looking for an analog Synthesizer with patch memory? In any case, for me, it remains a nice alternative to the current mono analog synthesizers on the market.

More information here: Sequential

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    • here let me help you mister.
      1. there is this thing called youtube where people upload videos, like the one linked in the article.
      2. audiopilz is an austrian youtuber with a channel mostly dedicated to checking out some bad gear/synth myths.
      3. you are currently commenting on a site dedicated to synthesizers.

      does that clear things up? let me know if your alzheimer meds dont kick in again, i like to assist the hard of thinking.

  1. there is no FM. for me that was a deal breaker. I resold mine less than. month after I bought it. the sound is pretty boring, it doesn’t really have any character and it is hard to look at.

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