Moog launches new portable powered Eurorack cases in 60HP and 104HP

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Moog has expanded its Eurorack cases portfolio with two all-new powered cases with 1000mA in 60HP and 104P. 

Every Eurorack adventure starts with buying a case. Whether small or large, the first modules need a solid home in which you can install them.

There are now countless Eurorack cases on the market. From small Garage developers up to the big players. So far, Moog has only sold Eurorack cases without power. That changes today.

Moog Powered Cases

Moog Powered Eurorack Cases

Moog released two new cases today. One with 60HP and another with 104HP. Unlike the previous Moog Eurorack cases, these now have an internal power supply.

Each size features 1000mA (1A) of power on both the positive and negative 12V rail as well as on the 5V. Plus, the power supply has a multi-layered noise filtering system. So the case stays quiet when switched on and does not cause any further noise besides yours.

Moog Powered Case

Both versions (60HP and 104HP) can accommodate modules up to 48mm deep when not over the power supply and 44mm when mounted over the connections. That’s okay, but for modules that are older, it can get tight with the depth. Connection side, you can connect up to 10 modules using the 10 power headers. That’s a decent number, especially if you want to use a lot of smaller modules like those from 2HP. There is also a built-in overload protection.

The market for Eurorack cases is very competitive and I can understand the concept of these cases. They are primarily intended to serve as expanders for the recently introduced Mavis Synthesizer or for the Mother 32, etc. So you can catapult the sound spectrum of these analog synths in a completely different direction with some additional modules.

I think it’s good that Moog now also offers powered cases, but personally, I would have preferred to see a 2-row case where you have more space. Also, I wonder who told Moog to include sliding nuts. These are unsexy to mount, but can be used more flexibly on the other hand, especially to position modules.

The new Moog Powered Cases are shipping now. The 60HP version is available for $299 USD and 104HP for $349 USD.

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  1. In my opinion, having built custom cases and soldered custom power supplies; these powered cases ( and most commercial cases) are about $200 overpriced. its a total money grab because they are VERy cheap to make. Even without bulk supply orders.

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