Universal Audio UAFX, New Reverb, Echo & Modulation Stompbox Series Pedals

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Universal Audio has digitalized the sound of vintage effects devices and built them into three new beautiful stereo UAFX guitar pedals

When it comes to compact but very high-quality and modern interfaces, Universal Audio is right at the top. Now the company is also showing high-quality effects pedals. Anyone who thinks you can load DSP effects on them like with the interface is wrong. Less is more is here the motto.

These are the first pedals Universal Audio effect pedals ever released and are authentic emulations of classic reverb, delay, and modulation circuits. The release includes Astra Modulation Machine, Golden Reverberator, Starlight Echo Station. Each of them brings powerful dual-processor architecture to the market that offers three distinct vintage sounds per pedal. The good thing: they operate in stereo, so they are also interesting for synthesizer players.

Univeral Audio UAFX

All three pedals share the same UAFX design with intuitive preset/live modes, analog-dry-through, stereo/dual-mono operation, true bypass, additional download effects, switchable True/Buffered bypass (Spring 2021), and more. What makes them different is the range of effects.

UAFX Golden Reverberator

The Golden Reverbator features three different reverb types including Spring 65, Plate 140, and Hall 224, each with available modulation. On the pedal interface, you have a good selection of parameters like decay, predelay, mix, bass, treble, and mod. The pedal is designed to create vintage-sounding reverb, so no shimmering textures we know from modern reverbs.

From the dense sound of 1950’s studio plates, to tube-driven spring reverb of classic 1960’s guitar amps, and the endless algorithmic wonder of vintage digital reverbs, the pedal is capable of a wide range of sounds.

Starlight Echo Station

This pedal also travels back in time and captures the delayed sounds of yesteryear that we all love. Starlight Echo Station features three delay types including Tape EP-III, Analog DMM, and Precision. It not only put the spirit of these iconic delays of the past 60 years in one pedal, but it also goes beyond that by offering additional parameters. Starlight offers the parameters tape wear, modulation, and preamp color that gives you near endless timbres.

Astra Modulation Machine

The last pedal is trio of timeless modulation effects. From spacey studio flanger tones of the 1970s, to gritty bucket-brigade chorus, and luscious opto tube tremolo. Astra is your best partner for vintage modulation effects. It includes three modulation effects Chorus Brigade, Flanger DBLR, and Trem 65. They come with secondary modes for vibrato, doubling, and more. Here you get a flashback to the best vintage modulation effects in a pedal.

At first glance, they look very chic. I think it’s a consistent approach to just concentrate on vintage timbres. That’s what UA is very good at. I’m curious how these sound in connection with synthesizers.

Universal Audio UAFX pedals will be available in Spring 2021 with an estimated price of $399 USD each.

More information: Universal Audio

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  1. I like them very much, they’re beautiful and of course cover in the best manner a specific range/mood/style/whatever… but don’t you think they are a little too overpriced compared to other more flexible competitors? I think 250/300 € could be a better placement, especially for newcomers. However it is just speculation because I can’t afford them 🙂 good music and happy new ear, like always

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