Soniccharge Microtonic, Two Free Beautiful Skins You Shouldn’t Miss

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Soniccharge microtonic is one of the best drum synthesizer plugins out there and now there are two new free skins that enhance it optically

Drum synthesizers are beautiful instruments with which you can give each drum pattern your own touch. These sounds are often more dynamic and versatile than static samples. As a plugin and also as hardware, pure drum synths are rather rare.

For me, one of the best drum synth plugins is microtonic by Soniccharge. Not the newest but the best maintained, best sounding to me, and the latest updates made it even very customizable. LarsErik from the KVR Audio forum has designed two new beautiful skins for microtonic that you shouldn’t miss. A silver and black one, both available as a free download. Especially the black layout looks very elegant.

Soniccharge Microtonic

With the latest updates, you can add new functions to the plugin using java scripting. This also includes the possibility of designing new GUIs.

Soniccharge Microtonic Skins

There are two ways of loading the skins. Either way, you need to find the location of the Microtonic.vst (or Microtonic.component). In this folder you have two options.

  • Create a folder named “Microtonic V3.3 Resources” and put the files included in the skin here.
  • Create a text file named “Microtonic V3.3 Resources Path.txt” and in this text file write the full path to where you have the resource files stored.


  • Eight-channel drum and percussion synthesizer.
  • 100% synthetic sound, rendered in real-time. No samples!
  • Over-sampled oscillators and sample-accurate triggering.
  • Extremely low CPU utilization, less than 5% on any low-end system.
  • Pattern-based drum-machine engine, synced to the host.
  • Easy to use interface with context menus, popup hints, etc.
  • Plenty of creative editing options like morphing, smart alteration, and randomization.
  • Comes bundled with loads of factory sounds and patterns.

The new skins are available as a free download here. Sonic charge microtonic is available now for $99 USD and runs as a VST/AU plugin.

More information here: Soniccharge

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