Waldorf Music Discontinues KB37 Keyboard & Eurorack Modules

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Waldorf Music officially discontinues its Eurorack lineup including the rock-solid KB37 keyboard and the modules, they are available now at a better price while stocks last.

Something that has been expected for a long time has become a reality today. Waldorf announced on Amazona.de that they will discontinue the KB37 keyboard and the matching Eurorack modules NW1, mod1, dvca1, and cmp1.

The first signs that the Eurorack products from Waldorf are not being sold as expected were the price reductions two years ago. Back then, the modules were available for 199€ (379€ regular)  and the KB37 for € 599 (899€ regular) for the first time. Since then the prices have not returned to normal. Many shops no longer offer the Eurorack modules for a long time. I think the NW1 wavetable oscillator and the KB37 keyboard are the products that went best out of this range.

Waldorf KB37 Eurorack discontinues

Waldorf Eurorack Range

For me, the KB37 is one of the Waldorf Eurorack products that is still a big thing on the Eurorack market 2021. Especially because there are very few keyboard-cases for Eurorack in which you can install modules. At 599 € it is still not cheap at all but you get an excellent product in my opinion. It can house up to 107 HP of modules, has a rock-solid case, a high-quality Fatar TP9 keyboard, and some neat extra functions like a built-in arpeggiator or output module. The KB37 is also an excellent keyboard for housing the Behringer Model D, Neutron, or Pro-1.

The NW1 wavetable oscillator is my personal highlight. Yes, there are many points that are not optimal (size, missing connections …), but it has the very distinctive Waldor sound that I absolutely love in my system. I really enjoy all these very cold sounds full of harmonics that the NW1 creates. The idea of the NW1 in a little smaller with more possibilities would be very interesting.

VCF1, Mod1, DVCA1, CMP1

The VCF1 brings the sound and function of the Rocket and 2-pole filter in the Eurorack format. Besides its filtering functionality, it’s capable to act like an experimental distortion stage that adds harmonic distortion to the signal. The VCF1 either sold out that quickly or was only on the market for a very short time. I saw almost nothing about this module.

The Mod1 offers three flexible analog modulation sources in one module. A loopable ADSR envelope with up to three decay stages, a symmetry generator with a two-segment modulation with controllable symmetry, and a loopable rise & fall envelope with flexible curve control. A really deep module with a good approach. I think it was too big for a lot of musicians because rack space is expensive.

DVCA1 is a dual VCA module that has the ability to musically color the signal in different ways. In dry mode, you get clean analog amplification. If you turn the color knob, it adds a warmer and more richer timbre to the signal based on a finely-crafted state variable filtering circuit. The module has simultaneous linear and exponential control, as well as specialized AC and DC, coupled inputs. I bought the module at Signal Sounds two years ago at a very good price and I have to say that I’m still waiting for the great love with it. It does what it says, but it doesn’t sound to me very good. For the price I paid it’s fine but it’s nothing that I would rebuy for the full price.

CMP1 is a high-end analog compressor that can add punch to your signals but also can act as a unique modulator. It also incorporates a side-chaining function with an adjustable balance control that makes it very interesting for performances. I’ve never tried it but I hear that the CMP1 is one of the most popular Waldorf modules. This may be because there were only a few compressors for Eurorack at the time of the release.

It is a shame that Waldorf discontinued its Eurorack range. I found it refreshingly different that they offer a contrast to the classic black and silver module finishes. They also have a lot of features but were a little too big and too expensive.

Waldorf Music KB37 is available now for 599€ instead of 899€ and the modules for 199€.

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