Enjoy Electronics The Godfather, semi modular multi-channel audio processor, now on Indiegogo

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Enjoy Electronics The Godfather, an impressive looking semi-modular 4-channel audio processor with is now ready for pre-order on Indiegogo.

The young Italian company Enjoy Electronics (Enjoy Lab) entered the music tech market a few years ago with the Reminder, a hands-on multi-effects processor. At  Superbooth 21, the developers showed their second product, the Godfather, another flexible multi-effects processor.

This time designed for the modular world and dockable to the Moog Sound Studio. Almost a year after the official launch, the product is in the final stages of development. Enjoy Electronics just recently launched an Indiegogo campaign where you can pre-order the Godfather processor with a major discount.

Enjoy Electronics The Godfather Indiegogo

Enjoy Electronics The Godfather

Visually, the Godfather looks lovely. It has the same vibe as the Moog semi-modular synthesizers and suits them perfectly. But it also fits perfectly in or next to any modular system.

The Godfather packs a 4-channel multi-effects processor in a 60HP Moog-shaped system. Each channel gives you an impressive 5-effect signal chain that works independently from each other. So you can process four channels at the same time. Each channel features saturation, delay, Enjoy’s own double-pulse delay (DPD), reverb, and filter.

Each effect has hands-on control in the form of knobs. On the left side, you can control the effects amounts independently with a dedicated potentiometer. The bigger knob in this row of 6 knobs allows you to map them to modulators. In depth-controls for the reverb and delay are available on the right side. For the reverb, you can set the size, amount, and filer while delay gives you time, offset, and feedback.

Enjoy Electronic The Godfather

The mighty 60HP multi-channel audio processing module from Enjoy Electronics is also equipped with two LFOs that can be mapped to different parameters. So you can add movement to the effects. The developers follow a one-knob per function philosophy which I really like. But they can’t do that everywhere.

There is a display that not only gives visual feedback but also additional hidden settings. Including pan, side-chain compression, limiting, EQ, gain staging, infinite looping options, and more. On the right side, you have a patch bay that aligns with the Moog semi-modular family. You’ll find your 4 inputs and 4 direct outputs. Further, you get 4 CV inputs for modulation and a pair of CV outputs. A gate output and MIDI in/out sockets are also included.

Enjoy Electronics ships the Godfather with a 60HP wooden/aluminum case. So you can easily mount it with the Moog or other semi-modular synths. Alternatively, you can remove it from it and mount in it any Eurorack case.

Second Impression

I stand by my opinion from Superbooth 21. The Godfather is one hell of a nice module. I like the design very much. It’s simple but classy. Enjoy Electronics has developed something that I actually expected from Moog. A multi-effects processor to match their semi-modular synths (Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon).

The fact that it is equipped with clever mixing options, CV support, and internal LFOs makes it significantly more flexible and interesting than any classic effects module chain. We haven’t heard much about the sound quality of the module yet, but if it’s on the same sonic level as the Reminder, then it will be a big release.

Enjoy Electronics The Godfather is available now for pre-order for 796€ instead of 1149€. This price is limited to 30 units. They will start shipping in October 2022.

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      • Although I am hardly a fan of that nomenclature, at least it makes some sense within Moog. Dreadboxes marketing and naming is a mess, they actually suggest that we should imagine abused women being somehow assuaged when playing their little shite synth!

        This on the other hand is little insecure men projecting their stupidity. As if the processor could not stand on its own merits!

  1. not sure why everyone is hating on this company and this product. i think the video was great, and this is a super valuable addition to studio and semi-modular setups. peace!

    • Grow up! There is nothing hateful about being critical of a name or marketing tactic. At best their marketing is juvenile and at worst in really poor taste! There is nothing comical or “cool” about the mafioso d u m b a s s!

      Like I said, the module itself seems interesting. Anything else I can clear up for you?

      • I dunno, telling someone to grow up and calling them a dumbass for expressing a perfectly valid opinion seems pretty hateful to me.
        Guessing your not a fan of Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorsese films then.

      • it’s understandable you trying to level the play ground by diminishing other creation and opinion, the feeling of being not fulfill and under achievement can make you very frustrated.

        • Right….attempting to redirect valid criticism onto me is idiotic. You barely make any sense and if you think this is high art, you have no taste shit face.

          • Well, You are very frustrated and use this comment section to get a sense of meaning to your output that you usually don’t get in your real life.

  2. Sounds like long awaited mush-hope they get a real demo video-the latest video has no clear sounds and can’t see buying this over some other options

  3. I think it’s a good moment to close the conversation. Thanks for understanding!

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