Dreadbox Typhon Sound Demos, Analog Synth With DSP Effects

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The first sound demos of the Dreadbox Typhon are here, a mobile mono analog synth with DSP effects from Sinevibes & patch memory

Shortly before the summer vacation started, Dreadbox surprised us with a new Synthesizer. Typhon is not another classic analog mono synth. No, it has a lot of exciting features than its competitors in the same price segment. It offers a lot for a price of just 349€: Two analog oscillators, 4-pole lowpass filter, multi analog VCA’s, two envelope generators, 3 modulators with 4 different modes, 32 note sequencer and patch memory

All this is rounded off by 12 DSP stereo effects developed by Sinevibes that makes Typhon a team effort and not a solo development. The synth has no classic, clunky power supply but is operated with a classic USB power supply. Yes, you can also power it with a power bank, i.e it’s so seen a mobile analog synth.

Sinevibes Typhon

The most important question of all questions is for sure: how does Typhon sound? There are not many Dreadbox Typhon sound demos out yet, the most important ones can be found here.

Limbic Bits

The YouTube channel Limbic Bits shows one of the most musical and beautiful demos. Here you can hear beautifully how the analog oscillators + filters harmonize with the digital effects.


The German online magazine Bonedo shows a somewhat more raw sound demo with less effects but of the beautiful analog richness of the Dreadbox oscillators and filter.


In this demo, Dreadbox goes a different way. They put the instrument into the experimental world. With a lot of modulation and price use of the sequencer. Here the synth sounds less smooth but rather brutal, industrial, and raw. For many a somewhat strange demo but it shows how versatile Typhon can sound.

And Artemiy Pavlov, the chief developer of Sinevibes, took his Typhon synth with him to the swimming lake. This example shows how portable the synth is. Simply operated with a standard power bank, you can play with it anywhere. A USB host connection would have put the whole thing on the crown, but unfortunately, it’s not on board.

Dreadbox Typhon will be available in July and can be pre-ordered for a price of 349€ (MSRP).

More information here: Dreadbox 

Sound Demos

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