Kurzweil K2700 Synthesizer & Sampler Workstation Leaked

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According to a new leak, Kurzweil will announce the K2700 a new VAST synthesis powered Synthesizer workstation for the virtual NAMM 2021

This year there is no real NAMM but a virtual one. Numerous products are also expected at this special event. The Gearslutz Community has discovered a leak about a new Kurzweil Synthesizer workstation. It bears the name K2700 and comes with many features that we know from other Kurzweil keyboards and workstations.

According to the leak, it features a FlashPlay technology designed for sample playback but also a wide range of synthesis engines. The sample engine comes with over 4.5GB of sample instruments but also with 3,5GB of memory for own samples. On the synthesis side, it comes with Kurzweil’s best-known VAST synthesis and FX engine that offers an organ emulation (KB3), a 6-operator FM synth, string resonance, and more.

Kurzweil K2700

Leaked Feature Set

  • FlashPlay technology utilizing 4.5GB of instrument Samples including:
    • Optimized Unlooped German D and Japanese C7 Pianos, Triple Strike Piano, Classic Tine (73 & 77) and Reed Electric Pianos, Clavinets, Harpsichords, Celeste, Bells, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Bowed and Hit Crotales, Vector Synthesis Waveforms
  • Updated Rock, Synth and Orchestral sounds from Kurzweil’s SP6, PC3/4, and KORE64
  • 13 Categories of Programs (Piano, E. Piano, Clav, Organ, Strings, Pad, Synth, Brass/Wind, Ensemble, Hybrid, Guitar/Bass, Drum/Perc, Misc)
  • 3.5GB of user Sample memory for loading audio Samples from WAV, AIF, and Kurzweil files
  • KB3 ToneReal TM organ simulations with 9 sliders as drawbars
  • FM: Classic 6 operator FM synthesis
  • KSR: Kurzweil String Resonance (piano string resonance simulation)
  • Half-Damper pedal support (for piano “half pedaling” sustain techniques)
  • Kurzweil’s highly acclaimed VAST Synthesis and FX engine
  • 1500+ Factory Programs divided into 13 Categories,  700+ Factory Multis
  • 4000 User IDs to save your own Programs and Multis
  • Audio input jacks with FX (stereo pair accepting line/instrument/mic from 1/4” & XLR cables)
  • Audio over USB (stereo in/out)
  • 256 voices of polyphony

Kurzweil K2700

More Features

  • 16 Zone MIDI controller in Multi Mode for Splits and Layers
  • 16 MIDI Tracks in Song Mode
  • Arpeggiator with dedicated front panel controls (up to 16 simultaneous in Multi Mode)
  • CC Sequencer with dedicated front panel control (up to 16 simultaneous in Multi Mode)
  • 9 assignable sliders & knobs
  • 10 assignable buttons
  • 16 assignable velocity-sensitive pads
  • Pitch Wheel and assignable Modulation Wheel
  • Tap tempo button and tempo knob
  • 2 Transpose buttons
  • Monopressure (Aftertouch)
  • Assignable ribbon controller
  • 2 assignable switch pedal jacks (supports up to 4 switch pedals with 2 pedals per jack)
  • 2 assignable CC pedal jacks
  • Fatar TP/40L with pressure. 88-key, fully-weighted hammer-action with velocity and pressure (After Touch) sensitive adjustable keys.
  • 480 x 272 pixel high-resolution color LCD with adjustable brightness 256 voice polyphony, dynamically allocated
  • 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
  • 5.5” (13.97 cm), 15.5” (39.37 cm), 51” (129.54 cm), 52 lb (23.58 kg)
  • Internal power supply

The virtual NAMM 2021 starts on Monday, then we will find out all the information about the Kurzweil K2700. Looks like an interesting competitor for the Korg Kronos and Roland Fantom series.


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