miniKORG 700FS, Modern Reissue Of Korg’s First Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

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Korg travels back to its early years for NAMM 2021 and re-introduces one of its first published analog mono synthesizers named miniKORG 700FS

The ARP 2600 M is not the only news for the virtual NAMM. Korg will also bring a Synthesizer back onto the market in 2021 that many people no longer have on their radar, the miniKORG 700. The miniKORG 700FS is an authentic revival of the miniKORG 700S, an improved version that was released the following year. 

It was Korg’s first mass-produced monophonic analog Synthesizer released back in 1973. One of the features that make the synth unique is the unique traveler filter, which consists of two sliders, one controls the lowpass, and the second the highpass. It still has a very special, expressive sound to this day. 

Korg miniKORG 700FS

Korg miniKORG 700FS

The new version is developed in collaboration with the original designer Fumio Mieda. The revised miniKORG 700FS offers new functionalities such as an arpeggiator, spring reverb, and aftertouch. Korg explains why they recreated this synth:

The real beauty and awesomeness of the sounds produced by the miniKORG 700 could not be realized through analog modeling technology that uses computational integrated circuitry such as DSPs and other devices to model analog circuitry. And although KORG continues to produce analog synthesizers such as the prologue, the minilogue and many others, we recognize that these instruments owe their existence to the miniKORG 700.

While theoretical know how is important when designing analog circuitry, deep experience is also required to understand what the results will actually be once the circuitry is completed. Ten years have passed since the monotron, a next-generation analog product from 2010 was developed by young KORG engineers and analog enthusiasts. It took some time for the full vision of these engineers to be explored and delivered but at last we’ve finally arrived – at the start.

Our wish is for customers to experience the beauty and awesomeness of the authentic analog sound through the miniKORG 700FS designed by the KORG analog engineers under the supervision of Fumio Mieda, who designed the original circuitry, ensuring that the elements that go beyond the circuit schematics would be faithfully represented

Korg miniKORG 700FS

Classic Analog Engine Brought To The Present

The synth has a very special design. Instead of having the interface on top, all the controllers are located below the keyboard. In terms of synthesis, the synth was less special, rather very simple. Like the original, it has two oscillators, traveler filter, LFO, envelope, and effect section. The latter includes three ring modulators for strange sounds, portamento, auto-bender, vibrato, repeat, chorus, and noise 

Korg miniKorg 700 FS

The reissue / repica has all the functions of the original including the beloved traveler filter. However, the new version has more features than the original. Thanks to changes in technology, they have more space to add a spring reverb effect as well as a joystick for pitch bend and modulation. It also comes with aftertouch for added expressiveness, a feature I miss on the OPSIX, as well as an arpeggiator, USB port, MIDI in connector, and a CV/gate in jack. 

Korg also added memory for up to 14 patches. So there’s not need for players to write down the positions of the knobs and levers to recreate their favorite sounds. The miniKORG 700S reissue also ships with a newly designed hard case to commemorate the revival of the synth.

Korg miniKORG 700FS


  • keyboard with 37 keys (with aftertouch, no velocity sensitivity) with 7 octaves
  • waveforms: triangle wave, square wave, sawtooth wave, chorus I, chorus II
  • memory: 14 programs
  • input: USB connector (Type B), MIDI IN connector, SYNC IN and SYNC OUT jack (3.5mm monaural mini phone jack), CV IN and GATE IN jack (3.5mm monaural mini phone jack), AUDIO IN jack (6.3mm monaural phone jack, TS unbalanced)
  • output: OUTPUT L/MONO and R jack (6.3mm stereo phone jack, TS unbalanced), Headphones jack (6.3mm stereo phone jack)
  • power supply : AC adapter (DC 12V, [icon])
  • power consumption: 9 W
  • dimensions (W x D x H) : 744 x 280 x 122 mm/29.29” x 11.02” x 4.80”
  • weight : 8.5 kg/18.74 lbs.
  • included items : AC adapter, Owner’s Manual, Hard case
  • accessories (sold separately): SQ-CABLE-6 (Patch Cable)

First Impression

Definitely one of the nicest products Korg has made in recent years. A real beauty. Sure, it’s not the super-powerful, but probably one of the most special, quirky analog mono synths that have ever been built. So I’m very happy that you are reviving it as a limited edition. A piece of history renewed for the musician from 2021

Korg miniKORG 700FS will be available in a limited edition for 1999€ including tax in 5-7 weeks.

More information here: Korg

Available here for pre-order


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