Jean-Michel Jarre live in concert at the Élysée & Synthesizer setup

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For this year’s Fête de la Musique in Paris, the Synthesizer pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre gave a small solo concert in the Élysée Palace.

This was broadcast live on YouTube + Tiktok and is available for free playback.

Jean-Michel Jarre Live In Concert At The Élysée & Synthesizer Setup

Jean-Michel Jarre performed alone this evening without a band. Thus you can hear a mixture of live synthesizers and playbacks. Logical when you play alone, you don’t have more than two hands.

For the 40-minute performance, he has chosen a smaller setup than usual. On the picture he posted himself on Facebook, you can see a Moog Memorymoog analog Synthesizer (hopefully it worked), a Roland System-8 synth, a TR-8 drum machine, next to this a TB-3 bassline synth, two bigger MIDI keyboard, 2-3 iPads on the left, and more. As we saw in an older post, he uses the SpaceCraft app, for example.

On the floor, there is also a MacBook, probably for the sounds for the MIDI keyboards but also for the backing tracks.

Jean Michel jarre Élysée
Picture ©Jean-Michel Jarre

A small but nice setup. Certainly, not the biggest JMJ ever had, but it’s a nice mix of vintage and modern synthesizers.

More information here: Jean Michel Jarre

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