WESCOFOR, New Axoloti-Based West-Coast Synthesizer Coming 2021

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WESCOFOR is a new upcoming Synthesizer from Luc Debeck based on two engines, one West Coast and one nature-inspired all based on the 65€ Axoloti board. 

The Axoloti Core is a modular Synthesizer that runs on a small circuit board equipped with inputs and outputs. It is often seen as the new successor of the Nord Modular, as it has many of the same functionalities. But without keyboard, knobs and only for 65€. That’s not a problem. Thanks to MIDI in/out and USB connectivity, you can easily connect MIDI knob controllers and a keyboard.

Many developers use the board to develop their own Synthesizers. I have already reported about some projects (Bivalvia…) in the past. Now another project is being added, and it’s a big one. WESCOFOR is a new west-coast inspired Synthesizer that is based on the Axoloti core. The designer is Luc Debeck who presented this synth project already last year, only in a different form.



According to Luc, it features two synthesizers in one: West-Coast and Deep Forest. On the one hand, it’s a west-coast synth that creates timbres rich in harmonics.  Three channels, MIDI support, multi-stereo effects, and much more. Here is a demo from 2019 where you can really hear how awesome the West Coast engine sounds. Hard to believe that all of this comes from a 65€ Axoloti Core.

Deep Forest

On the other, Deep Forest is a synth that is capable of generating sounds of nature, birds, winds, fire, rain, insects, or more bizarre sounds. It’s the second part of the WESCOFOR engine and is a self-generating synth without MIDI and in stereo. It includes many self-triggering and probability-based features that simulate the sounds in a deep forest.

The complete synth will have around 165 knobs, lots of switches & LEDs, and will have a size of 120×40 cm. It is not known whether WESCOFOR will be an official product or just a DIY project.

WESCOFOR project will be out in 2021.

More information here: Luc Debeck

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