Bivalvia Are Small Synthesizers Based On The Open Source Axoloti Core

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Not only big companies can release interesting products but also very small manufacturers. Often these instruments have more exciting features than those from big companies. Bivalvia are per example new small digital Synthesizers built-in a cool handmade wooden box. It’s based on the best-known open source Axoloti core by Johannes Taelman. It features beside the modular engine also 15 high quality Cheer MX keys and different parameters.

Developers Words

The Bivalvia Synthesis is a small synthesizer toy based on Axoloti core, the open source hardware synth created by Johannes Taelman. The casing is handmade from wood and unfolds like a clamshell to reveal six dial/fader controllers combined with 15 high quality Cheery MX keys – 12 MIDI notes in chromatic scale, octave up/down and patch shifting. For output, there’s stereo output on the back and a built-in full-range 15W speaker. Combined with Axoloti Patcher software – a user friendly and very graphic modular environment, you can create your own effects and sounds using oscillators (from subtractive to FM), filters, modulation, and much more. Simply connect the Bivalvia Synthesis to your computer via USB and start making objects. Build your own personal patch bank and store it on the built-in SD card.

Axoloti Is A Deep Modular Engine

The most exciting thing about these instruments is the sound engine. Here the Axoloti is used, an open-source modular synth core which is similarly usable as the former Nord Modular editor.

Due to the modular architecture there are no sound limits. So you can program these little Synthesizers according to his wishes and equip them with sounds. These can be simple synth sounds or very complex ones. With the help of a memory card even patches can be saved.

Availability & Price

There is a big disappointment: the Bivalvia Synthesis instruments are not yet on sale and there is no information about a future availability. In addition, there is no information about a price. But if you are interested in the engine, you can look at the Axoloti Core which can be bought at a price of 65 €. Hopefully the developer will release this little power machine.

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