Novation AFX Station, Is The Mysterious Product A Re-Skinned Bass Station 2 With New Features?

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A new Instagram post from the UK-based Phonica Records Shop teases a new release from Novation and Aphex Twin, what is it is not yet known.

Two days before the official release, rumors are growing that it will “only” be a reskinned version of the Bass Station 2 Synthesizer. On Reddit, “user18081971” aka Aphex Twin (Richard David James) writes when asked if it is a Bass Station 2 with effects:

it’s a reskinned bs2, I love the machine, much easier to use with the functions written in the right place, sounds beautiful. I opted to make ZERO money out of this, just doing it for the love of putting awesome affordable tools out there into the world and extremely happy to help out an amazing company like Novation, very talented peple working there. We also have something completely new designed from scratch planned but its a long way but hopefully if this BS2 does well it can become a reality, it will be something I’ve dreamed about making most of my life, finger crossed.

So it will probably be a Novation AFX station in which the classic Bass Station 2 engine is hidden but with a newly designed interface. That probably gives direct access to the AFX features. I guess there will be other Aphex Twin features, besides the AFX mode, which has been around since firmware 4.14. We’ll know everything on Tuesday.

Novation AFX Station

News From October 7, 2020

The Novation / Aphex Twin rumor game goes into the second round. On the day after the first leak, Novation publishes its own teaser photos for the new product on social media. If you take a closer look at the largest poster, you can see many synthesizer-related features.

The original is here, I’ve highlighted the most prominent parts for you.

Novation Aphex Twin

If you take a closer look at the picture, you can see the name Novation X Station. However, that was a digital Synthesizer from 2004. Maybe Aphex Twin will get its own electronic music instrument with the AFX station? The picture strongly suggests a new Synthesizer that has patch memory and effects. Or maybe even a crazy drum synthesizer with which you can make weird drum/percussion sounds. That would be a cool idea too.

News From October 6, 2020

It’s time again for a round of leaks, rumors, etc. Last night, the English shop Phonica Records posted a picture on Instagram with a new announcement.

According to the post, Novation (@wearenovation) and Aphex Twin (logo) have teamed up for something new. It will premiers on October 20th, 2020.


“a familiar logo alongside a mysterious circuit board has appeared in our window today, more news to be revealed via @wearenovation on October 20th”.

One thing can be ruled out: Novation will not release a new album with Aphex Twin. Both have already worked together in the past and equipped the beloved Bass Station 2 analog Synthesizer with the AFX mode with which you can play a different sound per key. Totally crazy but also super exciting.

In order for Aphex Twin to be on board, it must be an experimental device that has very own characteristics. We may see a Circuit in an Aphex Twin version, pimped up with crazy features. Even with the same mode as already known from Bass Station 2. That would be pretty exciting, I have to admit.

These are just speculations. The real product will premiere on October 20th. Either a new product or just an Aphex Twin branded update like on the Bass Station 2 back then. Until then, here a video that shows the AFX mode in action.

More information will follow: Novation

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  1. Looks like a Bass Station 2 with all the updates and AFX integrated in it with dedicated controls.

    If they release it in 3 octaves would be killer (I miss one octave in my BS2) 😀

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