Apple Logic Pro X, Why This Deal Is Not A Deal, SCAM Alert

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Apple Logic Pro X for $ 79 sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Here’s why this supposed no-brainer deal isn’t a deal but a real scam

For some time now, a Logic Pro X No-Brainer deal has been spreading on Facebook. In a sponsored ad, an unknown website “Slickdealsgroupon” promises a massive discount on Apple’s popular digital audio workstation (DAW). For a limited time, you can only buy it for $ 79 instead of $ 199 (Apple Mac AppStore). Sounds very tempting for the price.

If you follow the deal, you will fall into the trap. And the operators will laugh. This super deal is nothing more than a classic download scam. At first, you are blinded by the savings you can make if you stop here. However, with some prior knowledge of Apple and software distribution, you will find that this is an illegal deal. There are a few points to keep in mind in order not to fall into such a case.

Logic Pro X Scam

Mac App Store Exclusivity

First, you have to understand the idea of the Apple Mac App Store ecosystem. Mac comes pre-installed with this, in which you can easily download software with a mouse click. Apple offers customers a smart way to buy secure software, and thus binds them to their ecosystem. That’s not a bad thing: Buy, download and update all through one interface. Further, it has been checked and tested on Mac computers by Apple before the launch. This applies not only to Apple’s own software range but also to third-party developers who sell there. Logic Pro X, for example, is available exclusively from the Mac App Store.

Exclusive because Apple does not sell its software anywhere else or to retailers. It used to exist with Logic Pro 9 but since the Logic Pro X everything has been integrated into its own store. With this prior knowledge, it cannot be that this shop offers Logic Pro X at a discount as a download. If it were a legal sale, the dealer would have to give customers a Redeem Code for the Apple Mac Store. Nope, it’s just a simple download.

Logic Pro X Scam

According to the seller, they bought many licenses under an educational program and are selling them for this price. Once updates arrive, he apparently emails the updates to people. Selling the EDU version is just as illegal as selling the regular one. Buy LPX from the Mac App Store, it’s more “expensive” but saves you trouble. Linked to this is the next fact that you need to know.


Ask yourself: have you already typed in a serial number yourself for new Apple software? I am sure the answer is no. Fact, Apple software has not used a registration number for a long time. You download the software and it will automatically be installed on your Mac. No pop-up window opens: please enter the serial number XXXX. For thieves like on this website, this is a hit. Take the last installer, setup a website, promote it on Facebook, set the price very low, and off you go. I can imagine that this is a nice extra income. It’s not legal and Apple should punish it. So far, they have not responded to the activity of the shop.

Does that mean we can all download Logic Pro X from the network for free? No, it’s just meant to show how Apple software works and how easy it is to conduct illegal activities or deals like this. LPX is extremely cheap compared to other DAWs, making it the ultimate no-brainer for $199,99 USD. Let’s talk about updates which also shows that something is wrong here.

Apple Logic Pro X


Every Logic Pro X user is happy like a small child when Apple releases an update with new features. The joy, however, is short and painful at the end. Customers who have opted for this ultimate deal look into the pipe. The Cupertino-based company provides Logic Pro X updates exclusively via the store as a download. Since the buyers of this deal get the software as a website download, they don’t have access to the App Store. Thus, will never get the update. Hopefully, it’s slowly making a click for you, what I’m getting at. No small or large updates, no support at all. A lot saved but only bought a version number of the software.



The security of such deals is not to be put down. If you download it from the official store, you can be sure that you are getting software that doesn’t infect your computer with malware. Who guarantees me that nothing has been manipulated in this illegally sold file. Only last year a cryptocurrency-mining trojan was found in cracked music software. Even if the risk is small, it is there.


At a young age, people learn to be careful on the Internet, especially when personal data (credit card …) and money are involved.  In this case, the company Slickdealsgroupon tries to give itself a good image by pretending to be part of the actual SlickDeals website. The latter is a great deals website for legal products. Further, in a forum, you can find that it’s not affiliated with Slickdeals and that the site was created back in August 2020.

If you look at the website you can see that it was designed very cheaply. Much looks like screenshots from the Apple website, no Paypal option with payment security, etc. Is that what a shop looks like that you can trust? No.

What do we learn from it. Don’t trust the unbelievable deals, especially if they don’t come from a well-known website. This is fraud that must be punished. At $ 199.99, LPX is very cheap, you get regular updates, support the further development and saves you trouble.

I also like to refer you directly to the sister website of Synth Anatomy Plugin.Deals, on which selected hardware and software music tech deals are published from shops that you can trust. This deal will certainly not published on this website, rather this article to warn customers

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  1. It is feasable, at 79$, that they are buying the Pro Apps Educational Bundle, which AFAIK does give you app store redeem codes and splitting up the products to sell. Maybe the bundle only gives you one redeem code for everything? I‘m not sure. Either way, it‘s not legal. You might as well pirate it without making money for scammers if you don‘t care about legality.

    • Sure this thing is done by the Apple Store. But they don’t buy them from there. They just sell the installer as a download. No, redeem code or so

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