Logic Pro X 10.6 Adds Support For Apple Silicon, All Novation Launchpads & More

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Apple Logic Pro X 10.6 is now compatible with the latest CPU platform Apple Silicon, supports all Novation Launchpads, adds iOS sequencing & more. 

In the computer tech industry, the top topic this week was Apple Silicon. More precisely, the switch from Intel to its own ARM chips in the Macs. The first is called the M1 and, according to Apple, should be significantly more powerful than the current i9 in a MacBook Pro 16 and at the same time deliver more battery.  Whether this is true has to be found out in real tests. This topic has also not gotten past the music tech world.

Music producers in particular are afraid of losing plugins by switching to the new platform. Some plugins were already lost when switching from Power PC to Intel. We especially have to say goodbye to software that has not received support for a long time. Bye-bye Camel Audio Alchemy or Linplug Spectral, one of my favorite spectral Synthesizer plugins. Some developers (Audio Damage …) are already working hard on updates for their products.

Logic Pro X 10.6

Logic Pro X 10.6

The first major release with Silicon support comes from Apple, no wonder. In addition to Final Cut Pro, Apple has also updated Logic Pro X to version 10.6 and now supports Macs with Apple Silicon. This is the first DAW that is available on the free market that now supports the new platform. It is certainly interesting to find out how big the differences in performance are in Logic Pro. Also in Final Cut Pro because I use the software almost every day.

The Logic Pro X 10.6 update has other innovations that everyone will be happy about. The new version integrates the new step sequencer, introduced with version 10.5 early this year in the Logic Remote app. Now it’s possible to control and program beats, bass lines, and melodic parts straight from your iPad or iPhone.

Logic Pro X 10.6 Launchpads

Support For All Novation Launchpads

Since the huge 10.5 update, LPX is compatible with the Novation Launchpad Controller. In 10.6, Logic Pro X now supports all Launchpads including the Launchpad Pro MK3. Just plug in, and Logic’s control surface setup will appear to notify a connection. Once connected, you can use the 8×8 grid of colorful and expressive pads to dynamically trigger cells, input notes, adjust mixer levels, and more. The same tactile experience we have known for a long time from Ableton Live, now in LPX.

Further, it features many stability and performance improvements. You can get a full rundown of all of the changes directly from Apple right here.

Logic Pro X 10.6 isn’t a huge update, but one that shows that the $199 DAW keeps growing and getting better.

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  1. “The same tactile experience we have known for a long time from Ableton Live, now only in LPX.”
    But not only on LPX, as people call the “Launchpad X”.

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