Synthesis Technology Announced E520 Hyperion Audio Processor For Eurorack

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Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion is a new multi-fx audio processor for Eurorack that has not the main focus on reverbs. 

In addition to the new E300 Ultra VCO, Synthesis Technology showed also the E520 Hyperion at Knobcon 2019. E520 Hyperion is based on a powerful 480MHz 32-bit ARM H7 with 64MB of SDRAM and will have 48HP.

According to Paul Schreiber, developer of ST, Hyperion does not focus on reverb algorithms but on a selection of effects: “It’s not a reverb because there are 100s of plug-ins, Spin-based modules (ZDSP, etc), and honestly, a good reverb represents years of work, and in cases like Eventide/Lexicon decades of work”. They are not trying to develop an H7000 or a Lexicon 224XL for Eurorack.

Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion

E520 Interface

The E520 interface features 4 CV parameters (-5V to +5V range) per algorithm/patch/preset as well as fixed parameters via encoders. There are 3 soft keys per algo + a 4th which is usually a bypass function (using cross-fade for “popless” action). The soft keys can also select things like an LFO range, etc. Tap Tempo and external ‘tap clock’ input are supported and now are independent for L/R channels.

The current version has a CV attenuator for everything(16-panel slots). According to Paul, they will maybe remove the Dry/Wet CV attenuator. Further, it has 2 analog outputs that can be used for things like ‘end-of-cycle’ pulses for internal LFOs, maybe an envelope follower DC out, etc.

Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion will be available for pre-order via an upcoming Kickstarter campaign (starts Nov 15). It will cost $579 USD and the first 150 supporters will get it for $539 USD. Estimated release in April 2020.

More information here: Synthesis Technology

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