Doepfer’s 180€ Miniature Synth Voice Is Available Now & Sound Demos

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Doepfer A-111-6 is a lovely sounding complete synth voice for Eurorack with a VCO with FM/PM, lowpass filter, envelope & VCA. 

It took a little longer, but now it is available. Behringer is not the only one to make the affordable entry into the modular world possible, but also companies like Doepfer. With the A-111-6, beginners get a module with which they can start immediately.

The A-111-6 is an analog synth voice in only 10 HP that features everything you need for your first sounds: a juicy sounding VCO with a sub-octave as well as FM & PM onboard. Further, it offers a 24dB lowpass filter with resonance, an envelope with three types (AD/ADSR/AR) and a VCA. All this is available for 180 € in silver, 190 € in the black vintage version.

Doepfer A-111-6

If you would buy all these parts separately, you quickly reach 400€ and it would take up a lot of space in your first setup. Also ideal as an additional synth voice in an existing system.


Doepfer A-111-6 is based on a triangle core VCO and offers two waveforms sawtooth and triangle. Here, you can find also the oscillator mod switch and mod rate. With the destination switch, you can choose between PW (pulse-width) and FM (frequency modulation). The mod rate parameter allows you to adjust the amount of the PWM or FM, a dedicated input is on the bottom of the module.

The signal goes then into a 24dB lowpass filter with resonance (self-oscillating). The filter can be manipulated via the VCF FM1 & VCF FM2 input. The VCF FM1 is normalized to the internal envelope signal and the FM1 controls the modulation depth of the internal envelope applied to the filter. FM2, on the other hand, is a second CV input for the VCF without attenuator (about 1V/octave). The socket FM2 can be normalized to the 1V/Oct socket of the VCO with the help of an internal jump. In this case, you get VCF tracking.

The module features also a built-in VCA with a switch that allows you to switch between gate and envelope as control signal for the VCA. Plus, it includes a balance unit that is made of two VCAs which are controlled by the sum of the manual balance control and balance CV input in the opposite direction. With the balance control, you can mix the signal from the module and from the external input.

On top, the socket is normalized to the internal VCO sub-octave f/2 and so it can be used as a VCO sub-octave signal if no external signal is applied. This adds more fatness to your sound. The modulation side is pretty straightforward designed with a single envelope. However, this offers three different envelope types: AD, ADSR & AR. With an additional CVT input, you can control the time of it.

Doepfer A-111-6 is available now for 180€ in a silver version and for 190€ in black (vintage edition).

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