Shift Line A+ Astronaut Modular, 24 Algorithms For Space Reverbs, Delays & Freeze For Eurorack

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Shift Line A + Astronaut Modular is a multi-function effects module that takes you on an intergalactic journey full of reverbs, delays, and freezing effects.

There is something new for Eurorack from Russia. Not an authentic Polivoks replica, no, not even a Soma Labs module, it is a new effects module from a company I didn’t know myself before.

Shift-Line has been building effects pedals in Saint Petersburg for some time. Among other things, interesting reverbs (Astronaut III) or a delay reverb combo called Everest II. In October last year, the developer also showed their first Eurorack module. A+ Astronaut Modular is a multi-function effect processor with many algorithms and a hands-on interface

Shift Line A+ Astronaut

Shift Line A+ Astronaut Modular

A+ Astronaut  Modular is a 12HP Eurorack adaption/version of the Astronaut III multi-function space pedal. Like the pedal, the Eurorack version retained all the original features including the 22 different algorithms that you can immerse yourself in. They range from cosmic reverbs, atmospheric delays, filtering effects up to arpeggio generators.

Then, each algorithm has two parameters (character & decay) which can have different functions for each program. Two banks (white for 1 & blue for 2) with 12 different algorithms each are available.

Bank 1

  • Room
  • Spring
  • Skynet – spacious, futuristic reverbs with controllable decay
  • ShimUp – classic shimmers with different sound characteristics
  • ShimUpDown – combines the best parts of octave-up and octave-down shimmers with a few special ingredients
  • Universe M-1 – complex effects for creating walls of sound
  • Eva Maj Arp – add major arpeggios to the main sound
  • Eva Octave Arp – randomly goes through octaves and sounds good with chords
  • Cm-112 Step Filter – the sound goes through the reverb first, then through the step filter with an additional internal filter.
  • Ping-Pong – delay with repeats alternating between forward and reverse.
  • Force Roar – differently voiced freeze reverb algorithm from the Shift Line Force

Bank 2

  • Plate 
  • Modulated reverbs 
  • Skynet 2 – spacious, futuristic reverbs with controllable decay
  • ShimUp 2 – classic shimmers with different sound characteristics
  • ShimDown – reverb with a lower octave controlled by the CHARACTER knob
  • Universe M-2 – complex effects for creating walls of sound
  • Eva Min Arp – add minor arpeggios to the main sound
  • Eva Random Arp – unpredictable as it adds completely random intervals to the main sound
  • Mechanics Delay – a combination of short delay and longer reverb reflections for futuristic soundscapes.
  • Reverse Delay – a delay with reverse repeats
  • Force OctDn – differently voiced freeze reverb algorithm from the Shift Line Force

CV & Infinite Sustain

Unlike the pedal, A+ Astronaut Modular features CV control over the decay, character, and hold functionality. The latter is an infinite sustain mode where the reverbs become infinite or very long (2-5 minutes). The delay algorithms go into maximum feedback in this mode. This state can be started and stopped with the black HOLD button or controlled with CV. Due to the possibility of modulating the parameters with CV, the Eurorack version is even more complex and deeper than the Astronaut III pedal.

Besides the CV inputs, you have a mono input and separate mix and wet (kill dry) outputs. Unfortunately, the module is not stereo, which is a shame. Most of the new reverb modules on the market such as Happy Nerding’s FX Aid are stereo for almost the same price. Here is a sound demo in combination with the Moog Mother 32.

At first glance a nice sounding, hands-on multi-functional effects processor for Eurorack. If you can do without stereo processing, you get many interesting algorithms at a fair price.

Shift Line A+ Astronaut is available now for 179,55€ + shipping + import fees.

More information here: Shift Line 

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