Shakmat Banshee Reach and Jeweler Cast, thru-zero oscillator and waveshaper are available now

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Shakmat has released the Banshee Reach and Jeweler Cast modules, a new feature-rich thru-zero oscillator, and a super flexible waveshaper. 

Shakmat Modular from Belgium is one of the most popular module manufacturers for advanced clock signal manipulation, modulation, or complex rhythm generation out of almost nothing. Clock O’ Pawn, Time Wizard… just to name a few.

At Superbooth 22, they presented their first analog thru-zero oscillator and a waveshaper. Both modules, as one would expect, are very cleverly designed and with neat extras. After almost a year in development, the modules are now available.

Shakmat Banshee Reach Jeweler Cast

Shakmat Banshee Reach

Banshee Reach has 8HP and is a full analog triangle core VCO with a continuously variable waveshape. With the shape knob, you can morph from a sine into a sine, a triangle, a saw, and lastly, in a square. There is also a crossfade function with a sub-octave generator with -1/-2 octaves, adding body to your sound.  The shaping knob morphs the waveforms, and its fully CV-controllable, making unique waveforms possible.

The module also offers fine and coarse settings  Then, you get thru zero FM/PM capabilities selectable on the module unlocking much richer waveforms. Connection side, on the bottom, you get individual waveform outputs, additional shaping options (PWM, sync), a V/oct input, and more

Shakmat says: “Banshee Set proves to be a great companion for your FM duties as a carrier or as a modulator thanks to its thru zero FM / PM input and soft sync capabilities. It also serves as a flexible modulation source as it can also easily go into LFO range.”

Jeweler Cast

The second module is Jeweler Cast, a super flexible waveshaper module. It can melt, bend, and chisel all types of signals, audio, or CV, says Shakmat. Jeweler Cast consists of two sections: a mixer, and a shaper.

It combines a ring modulator, a crossfader, a wave folder, and a distortion in a single module. Thanks to its feature-rich analog layout, it can infinitely manipulate basic waveforms and complex signals. And, of course, the mix and shaping part is fully CV controllable, unlocking a big shaping playground in your modular system.

First Impression

Two very nice modules. The waveshaper module is particularly interesting, with which you can give each oscillator a new character—highly recommended if you have a traditional oscillator. Just attach a waveshaper, and it almost becomes a complex oscillator. Congrats Quentin and the rest of the Shakmat team for the release.

Shakmat Banshee Reach is available now for 289€/$299,99 and Jeweler Cast for 185€/$199,99

More information here: Shakmat Modular

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