Superbooth 24: DivKid Manic: new module with super powered VCAs from Apollo View

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Superbooth 24: DivKid Manic packs VCAs with shaping superpowers in a new 8HP module developed in collaboration with Apollo View Modular.

DivKid is one of the most famous YouTubers about Eurorack synthesizers. His knowledge is invaluable to the community. For several years, he has been collaborating with new developers on his own modules.

For Superbooth 24, DivKid has announced Manic, a new module collaboration with Apollo View Modular.

DivKid Manic

DivKid Manic

DivKid says Manic introduces an exploration of dual-channel mono, mono-to-stereo, or true stereo modulation and sound shaping within a sleek 8HP module designed for both creative freedom and technical precision. In simple words, it’s a new VCA module equipped with super power. 

Each channel is DC-coupled and is based on a precision linear VCA with traditional unipolar amplitude control or bipolar behavior. The latter unlocks unique ring modulation effects on the signals.

Manic is more than just another VCA module. Its “secret sauce” lies in the circuitry, more precisely in the three post-VCA shape outputs, where you can find various colored shaping functions. 

They include TanH soft clipping & hard clipping, and two styles of wave folding (Serge- and Buchla-style). This means you can immediately further mangle the signal from the VCA, which is exciting.

DivKid Manic also works in stereo. For this, the developers have matched the gains for the clipping and wave folding circuits, allowing to create rich stereo-widening effects.


First Impression

We have a lot of classic VCAs on the market. This is a new creative idea on how to make VCAs much more exciting. It’s always said that you can’t have enough VCAs in your rack. In this case, definitely not.

DivKid Manic is available now for pre-order for $359. Apollo View Modular will have a booth (Z375) at Superbooth 24. On the booth, they will also be presentations with DivKid.

More information here: Apollo View Modular / official website

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