SchneidersLaden Celebrates SUPERBOOTH 2018 With 4 Modular Synth News

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4 news from the ScneidersLaden crew that makes you happy: Free shipping, new rooms, new workshops (videos) and SUPERSOUNDS!

As time has already passed. Next week is already the next edition of the SuperBooth in Berlin presented by SchneidersLaden. To celebrate this event, the SchneidersLaden has announced this week four great news. Even if you are not familiar with modular synths, you can get for free a sample library with loops made in collaboration with IRRUPT.

Already next week the third Superbooth will take place in Berlin. This year again presented by SchneidersLaden. All our employees will be present at the fair to discover the latest developments in the field of electronic musical instruments. Therefore the showroom has different opening hours on 3rd and 4th of May: 10 am – 1 pm. SchneidersLaden will be closed on Saturday and Sunday.

4 News From SchneidersLaden 
  • Free shipping from May

For orders from the shipping costs are omitted from May. This applies to all orders above 200 Euro* within Germany and from 500 Euro* within the EU, to Norway and Switzerland. Subsequent deliveries are generally free of charge. * incl. VAT

  • New rooms at SchneidersLaden

With the installation of a second, large exhibition room, the showroom area has been significantly expanded. This means even more opportunities for guests of SchneidersLaden to try out the latest and most interesting equipment in the field of electronic sound generation. In Schneiders VideoTheke, another new room, workshops, concerts and presentations of manufacturers, artists and friends of SchneidersLaden will take place. These events will be announced on

  • Workshop Dates & Videos 

26.04. – Workshop on analog video synthesis, with Stephane Lefrancois

17.05. – Workshop with Animal Factory Amps

24.05. – Workshop with Mutable Instruments

Last week Schneiders VideoTheke was officially opened with a workshop on the new Verbos Electronics Multi-Delay Processor. The video of this workshop can be found on and on HerrSchneiders vimeo channel..

  • SchneidersLaden, SUPERBOOTH18 and IRRUPT

Supersounds – A library of sounds to get you in the right mood for SUPERBOOTH18, free to download from the IRRUPT homepage and playable at the Modular Carousel in the Playground at SUPERBOOTH18. You can find the sounds on the IRRUPT homepage.

More information here: Stromkult 

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