Roxsyn App For iOS Turns Your Guitar In A Polyphonic Synthesizer With No MIDI Involved

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Yonac, a best-known iOS developer has recently launched Roxsyn, a new Synthesizer app with AUv3 support. Roxsyn is not a classic synthesizer but one that works with guitars. This app can be described as innovative because it doesn’t use classic pitch tracking or MIDI notes to transform your guitar in a Synthesizer.

The developers do not reveal much about the metamorphic sound generation technology but only further explications about the sound engine. It is based on three AKA oscillators, dual filter, amp envelope generator, modulation (2 LFO’s, mod envelope), arpeggiator, effects and more.

Yonac Roxsyn


Introducing a revolutionary new way to turn your guitar or bass into a fully-featured polyphonic synth: Roxsyn, the world’s first metamorphic guitar synthesizer. Expressive, fast and responsive to every nuance, it is a league apart from all other guitar synths to date. Unhappy with cold and temperamental guitar-to-MIDI synths that dominate the market, we developed a completely new approach to guitar synthesis. Our all-original technology synthesizes your guitar directly, without the use of MIDI notes. Rescued from being a poor keyboard substitute, your guitar suddenly becomes an integral part of the synth. It’s alive!

There is no pitch tracking involved. There are no pitch estimation errors, octave glitches, or garbled chords. There is no over-complicated G2M between your guitar and synth to destroy everything human about your playing. Instead, Roxsyn’s metamorphic sound generation technology retains all the personality of your sound: vibrato, slides, bends, dynamics, even extended technique. The result is a polyphonic synthesizer that is as fast and accurate as it is richly expressive.

No need for special MIDI pickups or hardware, either: just plug into your favorite Lightning/USB audio interface, and start synthing!

Powerful Synth Engine

  • 3 AKA oscillators, each with 5 unqiue waveforms, 4+ octave range & stereo panning
  • Dual filter banks: each containing four custom virtual-analog filter types and dedicated envelopes. They can be triggered externally via MIDI controllers like an expression pedal.
  • Envelope controls the amplitude of the signal
  • Arpeggiator with 8 stepping algorithms to choose from
  • Modulation matrix with two LFO’s (9 waveforms) and mod envelope
  • Effects: algorithmic reverb, phaser, modulating 2-channel delay, and graphic EQ

Pro Features

500+ factory presets with bass, lead, pad, arp sounds & more. Easily create & share your own presets. Audio Unit v3, IAA, Audiobus, Ableton Link. 64-bit processing at up to 96kHz. 160+ MIDI controllable parameters; MIDI learn & map save/share. Tapedeck (in the app), so you can record, loop & share your ideas on the go. Just some of Roxsyn’s professional features that make life and music a little bit easier.

Yonac Roxsyn is available now for $9.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: Yonac

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