Befaco Introduced Bananuts Custom Minijack Nuts For Eurorack Modules

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Befaco has today introduced Banauts, custom minijack nuts for Eurorack modules. The Banauts are available in 8 different colors and each bag contains 25 nuts.

Befaco Bananuts

What Can Be The Benefit Of The Banauts?

Readers will wonder why need something like that or what the benefit of this is. On one side, you can visually pimp your modules and give them a new design. On the other, you can introduce a color-coded system into the modular. Examples would be:

  • one color for CV, one for audio signals or
  • one color for inputs, one for outputs
  • color coded functions

Befaco Banauts

This can also simplify patching on certain modules where you can not see directly where inputs and outputs are.

In my opinion, the Befaco Bananuts are a clever extension for Eurorack modules. Certainly, this is an accessory that not all users need but it can certainly help some to organize their setups, patches and signal flows.

The Bananuts are on sale at resellers this Thursday. One bag with 25 nuts are available for 10€ + tax, 8 bags (200 nuts) for 60€ + tax.

More information here: Befaco

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