Quanalog Instruments Introduced Boubou, 5 Voice Analog Eurorack Drum Voice

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Quanalog Instruments, a new synth developer has today introduced Boubou, a new 5 voice filter-based analog Eurorack drum voice with a beautiful interface. The module can be described as full analog drum machine because it covers the basics drum set from Kick, low, hi-tom, rimshot, snare, and hi-hats.

On the base, every drum engine can become a signal processor with the core made by an analog filter so it can process sounds of each other and from other modules.

Quanalog Instruments

5 Analog Voices With Full Control

Each drum element of Boubou has the same analog filter core but are designed differently to offer different sounds.

Kick is a combination of two parts: the bottom is a pure sine wave generated by an analog lowpass filter being excited to a resonance point giving a thick and powerful sound blend with click sound made by feedback circuit with control over frequency and mix volume to create a perfect bass drum. There are three different levels of compression and additional control over Decay and an Overdrive for pushing it into distortion. Strange, there are no CV inputs for advanced modulation.

Low and Hi-toms share the same sound engine as the Kick generator and runs as an independent side-by-side. Both are tweaked differently to offer higher and lower range and sonic possibilities. It offers CV control for the resonance point which affects the drum pitch and a retrigger level for creating flam or roll depending on the input gate length.

Snare is a combination of white noise and a bandpass filter going thru a decay VCA. On the CV side, it features controllable resonance for the pitch as well as decay. ,

Hats is based on a noise source going through a high-pass filter and into a decay VCA. Here we have CV control over the decay as well as an external input that can be mixed in or run through.

Quanalog Boubou

Interesting is here that you can use Boubou not only as a drum voice module with triggers but also as a versatile signal processor. Per example, the toms can act as a dual, high and lowpass notch filter.

Features At A Glance

  • 5 voices Eurorack filter based analog drum synthesizer
  • Each voice has a wide range of sound that can reach to all drums
  • Pure sine resonance excited analog filter make a warm thick and powerful sound that can cover a very low-end frequency
  • Real independence analog noise engine for snare and hats pass thru analog decay VCA and bandpass filter with cv control for decay amount and filter resonance point
  • Cv control for pitch, tune, and decay make it more groovy
  • Hi-end sound quality
  • Minimal futuristic panel design in a black and golden finish still looks good when you got your grandkids!
  • Tank built quality – minimal futuristic panel design in the black and golden finish with all metal pot, jack, and switch. Can tweak it with passionate! Designed with love!
  • Complete your Eurorack drums setup with 5 analog drum sound for just 28hp. Space saving!
Availability & Price: TBA 
More information here: Quanalog Instruments

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