Behringer Mutator, a clone/replica of the legendary dual animated Mutronics filter

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Behringer has announced a clone/replica of the Mutronics Mutator, a legendary dual analog filter with built-in modulation.

In 2022, Behringer cloned a vintage Mutronics effect unit with the Dual Phase phase shifter.

According to a recent Facebook post, they are currently working on a second one. More precisely, on a famous dual filter from Mutronics.

Behringer Mutator

We’d love to hear your opinion! We’re finalizing our exciting Mutator product and are collaborating closely with the original designer to ensure its authenticity and quality.
The Mutator is a legendary analog filter and envelope follower that gained prominence in the ’90s, known for its unique ability to transform sounds in creative and dynamic ways. It’s been a favorite tool for many musicians and producers, offering rich, warm analog filtering with the ability to create complex modulations and effects.
As we move forward, we’re considering two format options: a lower-cost and more flexible Eurorack version or a classic 19-inch rack version. Which format would you prefer? Let us know your thoughts!

Behringer Mutator

Behringer has announced a clone/replica of the legendary Mutronics Mutator dual filter unit. In a social media survey, Behringer asked the community whether they would prefer a Eurorack or 19-inch rack version. 

In a survey, Behringer asked the community whether they would prefer a Eurorack or 19 Rack version. The vote was for a Eurorack version. In that case, I would also prefer a 19 Rack version. The trend was more towards a Eurorack version, although many favor a 19-inch version.

Behringer Mutator rack

However, for cost reasons, Behringer said on social media that they do not want to make both. On the front panel, you have two channels, each with a filter with cutoff and resonance controls. Then, each channel has a dedicated modulation section with an envelope follower and a multi-wave LFO. 

Behringer Mutator

On the I/O side, each Behringer Mutator channel has a mono input, output, external input, and CV input. There is also a main audio output, a phone socket, and a MIDI in. On the back, you have MIDI in and through, as well as a USB port.

It’s a shame that the version only has small jacks. Large jacks would have been very nice, especially for a vintage effect. 

First Impression

I’m excited to see what the final version looks like and how authentic it is. Analog filters as desktop effects are somewhat underrated and rare on the market. It would be nice to see this on the market. 

Behringer Mutator release and price TBA.

More information will follow here: Behringer

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