Sebsongs Modular SAMPLER module brings hands-on 12-bit sampling to your rack

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Sebsongs Modular SAMPLER module (8HP) allows you to create one-shots/short samples hands-on and effortlessly in your rack.

A modular Synthesizer voice does not have to consist only of oscillator modules. Sampler modules are also super versatile and popular.

On the one hand, they allow you to quickly bring samples into the rack. On the other, you can capture audio on the fly, loop them, and use them as a sound source.

Sebsongs Modular SAMPLER

The market for samplers has grown significantly in recent years. Many are packed with features and functionality. Unfortunately, the immediate, hands-on spirit of modular is often lost here because you spend more time on the menu than in the patch.

Sebsongs Modular goes an entirely different way for its new SAMPLER module—minimal features but 100% hands-on.

Sebsongs Modular SAMPLER

Important from the start: The module is, unfortunately, DIY and does not come in an assembled version. Hopefully, that will change in the future.

SAMPLER is an intuitive 8HP sampler module for Eurorack that captures audio in 12-bit. It’s not a sampler for big recordings. It’s designed for the small sound bits that you want to capture on the fly and use as a voice—so short loops or one-shots.

No menu, no micro-SD card, no memory, or other sophisticated features. Sebsongs Modular takes an “analog approach” to its operation. 

Effortless Sampling

Everything starts with the sample button—the most important feature. Hold down, and the module will capture up to 3.5 seconds at the highest sample rate. It’s tiny but enough to get interesting sounds. You get longer recordings by lowering the pitch.

Sounds can be recorded with the built-in microphone or via the mono input jack. It handles anything from a regular laptop/smartphone to modular-level signals.

Once captured, you can manipulate the recording on the fly. Two sliders allow you to tweak the start and length of the sample. Then, you can adjust the playback direction (forward/reverse), loop it, and pitch it up and down if necessary.

In the right settings, you can also create pseudo-granular sounds. If you modulate the start parameter, time-stretch-like effects are also possible.

SAMPLER also features a one-shot mode. By using the reset input, you can trigger the recording audio and use it as a drum sampler player. 

On the connection side, you get an audio input/output, and CV control over all functions (start, length, pitch…) 

First Impression

I haven’t tested the module, but what I see so far in the video really appeals to me and my workflow. 3.5 seconds is not all, and everything is mono. Yes downers, but I really like how quickly you can capture and tweak audio. It is as simple to use as classic analog modules. No menu diving, etc 

I hope the module also comes as an assembled version, then, it will be on my must-have list. 

Sebsongs Modular SAMPLER is available now for £125 + VAT as a DIY kit. You can get it for example at Thonk.

More information here: Sebsongs Modular / Thonk 

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