Endorphin.es Released Shuttle Control Lemur Editor In Collaboration With Liine!

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Endorphin.es Shuttle Control can now be controlled from an iPad with the new editor for Lemur made in collaboration with Liine!

Good news comes today from the Barcelona-based company Endorphin.es. They have released today the official Lemur editor for the Shuttle Control, a multi-purpose Eurorack module that features a USB-to-MIDI-to-CV converter with 16 free assignable channels and more.

The new editor, made in collaboration with Liine, allows you now to program patches directly in Lemur on the fly. The editor is free of charge but what you need is a version of Lemur on the iPad

Endorphin.es Shuttle Control Lemur Editor

Official Shuttle Control Editor For Lemur

Now we are offering you the new editor for Shuttle Control in collaboration with the co-founder of Liine Lemur, Nicolas Bougaïeff. Program your Shuttle Control quick and easy with the new live editor available in the Lemur app as seen in the video.

To celebrate that moment we make GIVEAWAY with LIINE! LIINE is GIVING AWAY 3 codes for the LEMUR app, which will be in a raffle next week 13th of December. Simply follow Endorphin.es on  Instagram and tag your modular buddy in the comments of that video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrH1cKSl4Pw/

The new Shuttle Control Editor is available now for download as a Lemur template.

Download it here: Lemur Community

More information here: Endorphin.es

Available here: Shuttle Control

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