Vector Launched, New Superb Looking Desktop Hybrid Morphing Synthesizer From Outer Space

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Already last year (2018), photos about a new Vector hardware Synthesizer were curing on the internet. In March of this year then there was more information released including first sound demos. Today came to the surprising news (thanks to Instagram): Vector, a superb looking Synthesizer is ready and waiting for new owners. Vector is a desktop digital Synthesizer with a hybrid engine that uses four synthesis technologies: vector, additive, subtractive, and FM synthesis.

The core is based on two overtone generators, each with four overtone patterns (A, B, C, D). The patterns are further affected in several ways by Detune when in mono/unison mode, chorus depth, etc. With an overtone blend function, the user can change the way the Overtone Gen1 & Gen2 are combined. Additive in the first half, frequency cross-modulated in the second.

Vector Synthesizer

Sound Design In 2D Space

It gets very interesting in the 2D space (universe) on the touch interface where you can work with orbits and sub-orbits. On the interface, you can morph with your finger through different synthesis parameter with the help of the green orb and the warp module. In addition to morphing with the finger, these movements can also be completely automated with the warp module. Warped shapes are always periodic and synchronized with the master tempo, the sub-orbit can be unsynced to roll freely.

Do you only understand space? No problem, Vector is not a normal Synthesizer and is even not easy to understand for experienced synthesists. Important to know is here: you can shape sounds by morphing parameters in a 2D space in many different ways. Additionally, Vector comes with a filter section, ADSR as well as a powerful arpeggiator that allows you to record notes from the input and plays them out sequentially, with multi-octave transpositions.

In my opinion, one of the most unique Synthesizers that have been presented for a long time. Something completely new, which brings fresh wind into the synthesizer market. On top, it looks gorgeous and reminds me a lot of the Moog Music’s brilliant Animoog iOS Synthesizer app, which has a similar concept.

What The Developers Say

Meet Vector, a unique digital hardware synthesizer hybrid combining several synthesis methods into a very special expressive blend. With a touchscreen interface, smooth rotary encoders and firm toggles for navigating the partials — how they evolve, modulate, mix and cut.

Warp the orbit to explore the different motions through which the mix point travels. Change the shape’s size, position and rotation directly on the touchscreen display in real-time. Morph fast or smooth through a wide sonic palette to drone, lead, stab and pad.

Powerful arpeggiator and an array of effects to sculpt the sound to taste. Responsive and snappy UI with a careful balance between hardware and touch. Mono, Poly and Dual modes for a thick unison or interval playing. Standalone, Master and Slave MIDI modes to sync Vector with your devices.


  • Hybrid synthesis engine
  • Complex modulators
  • 10 voice polyphony with per-voice filters
  • Effects affect synthesis
  • Extensive arpeggiator with a step sequencer
  • 7″ capacitive touchscreen
  • 25 smooth rotary encoders
  • 7 toggle switches
  • Metal case 289×176×44mm
  • 1.5kg weight
  • Stereo 6.35mm output (2× mono jack)
  • Stereo 6.35mm headphone output
  • Ethernet port
  • USB device, USB host
  • MIDI input
  • Runs on ARM® Cortex™-A53
  • Powered by realtime Linux
  • 32bit internal processing
  • 32bit DAC (-106dB SNR)
  • Firmware update via LAN

Vector Synthesizer will be available in July 2019 for an introductory price of 766€. Reservations open June 29, 2019, 19:19 CET.

More information here: Vector Synthesizer

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