VECTOR Synthesizer: New Details & Sound Demos Released

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A few months ago, more exactly in September, a teaser video circulated on the net about a new special Synthesizer called Vector. After this teaser it became quite around this new synth. Today I can report: there are news but only few.

Vector will be a polyphonic Synthesizer with an additive/subtractive hybrid engine. It will feature complex warp modulators based on Lissajous curves, an advanced arpeggiator, a set of effects, a 7″ touchscreen to control & perform the vector motion and many endless rotary encoders.

Vector Synthesizer

On Instagram there is a small demo where you can see the touchscreen in action.

Preview Of The Features

  • Polyphonic additive/subtractive hybrid synthesis engine
  • Complex warp modulator based on Lissajous curves that defines the composition of the partials and the parameters of the per-voice filters
  • An extensive arpeggiator with lots of controlled randomization
  • A tightly integrated set of effects with high synergy
  • A 7” touchscreen to control and perform the vector motion, among other things
  • A vast amount of endless rotary encoders

Oh yes, almost forgot, the developer has also put the first sound demos from the Vector Synthesizer online. Sounds very special in my opinion and has an interesting digital touch in the character.

News From September 30, 2018

It looks like a new developed hardware Synthesizer with a modern concept is coming soon to music synth market Vector is the name of the device and was recently spotted on YouTube by It looks it will be a new desktop synth that offers advanced vector synthesis that is known from older synths. Features are not sure yet but we can see in the video that it will have probably 2 oscillators, 1 sub-oscillator along with an envelope for mixing in the second oscillator.

Whether developers rely on analog, digital or hybrid technology is unknown. The design looks very different because it looks like a software plugin (big screen, interface…) but it’s hardware. I’m looking forward to see more about this new hardware Synthesizer. Stay tuned for the full news on SYNTH ANATOMY!

More information about VECTOR Synthesizer will coming soon!

Price & Availability: TBA 

Hardware News 

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