Superbooth 19: Zetaohm Announced ZMF, Stereo Morphing Filter For Eurorack

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At Superbooth 19 Zetaohm announced ZMF, a new Eurorack stereo morphing filter. ZMF is Zetaohm’s second module after their colorful FLXS1 sequencer. It features four state variable filters, two for the left channel and two for the right. Lowpass, bandpass, and highpass are for each filter available.

One highlight of the feature is the possibility to continuously morph between any combination of LP, BP, and HP for each filter by means of an internal scanner circuit. 20 internal VCAs are onboard for making the filter transfer function possible, allowing you to set the ZMF in serial, parallel or morph.

Zetaohm ZMF

Zetaohm ZMF has a full analog signal path but uses a digital control matrix to provide flexible control over the filter parameters. On top, it comes with exponential and linear FM. According to the developer, another exciting feature is not yet announced.

Some ZMF noodling at #superbooth

Gepostet von Zetaohm am Freitag, 10. Mai 2019

Availability & Price: TBA 

More information here: Zetaohm 

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