Dreadbox Teased New Semi-Modular Synthesizer With A Big Patchbay! (SuperBooth 2018 Preview)

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The Dreadbox development team is on fire and is ready for SuperBooth next week. Many are already curious how the Medusa will look and how it sounds. Also with the new Lil’Erebus, Dreadbox has landed yesterday a big surprise. That was not all!

We though that these two new instruments (Medusa and Lil’Erebus) are the news for this year’s SuperBooth but it seems they have a third big new Synthesizer with them.


Name “Unknown” but what you can already see, it will have a big patch-bay on the right side. Also we can see that it will have at least 2 oscillators (left side) and  2 envelopes on the bottom as well as an effect processor on the right side. If you listen to the sound demo, it will probably be a reverb or delay effect processor.

I’m pretty sure that this synth will be an analog instrument because Dreadbox is known for excellent analog circuits. All official news will be posted on SuperBooth in a week. But what I can say already, it sounds fat.

synth prototyping for dreadbox. The finishing touches!!

Gepostet von Stratos Bichakis am Donnerstag, 26. April 2018

Availability & Price: TBA

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