Superbooth 19: Birdkids Unleashed The Unicorn Boom, A Kick Generator & Compressor In One Module

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On Superbooth 19, there were many new Eurorack modules. One new release stood out with a funny and wonderful colorful design, Birdkids new module Unicorn Boom. It’s a new Eurorack module that features two functions in one module. First, it’s an 808-inspired kick generator with three parameters (frequency, decay & cutoff) as well as a vactoral-based opto compressor.

It’s obvious that it is not a groundbreaking new module. That should not be, according to the Viennese developers. Unicon Boom is intended to introduce users to the world of analog technology and soldering in DIY workshops. Nice, participants can kill two birds with one stone: learn how it works and quenches the GAS factor with a new module. But if you really want to have the module, you can either wait for the next event or buy it in an assembled version without the educational part.

Birdkids Unicorn Boom


UNICORN BOOM is a Eurorack-format, dual function, module. Its primary function is an homage to the legendary 808-Kick (discrete circuitry) augmented by a vactrol-based, opto compressor. Most of all it’s designed to be hacked, bent and modified to enable you to shape your very own signature kick boom!

UNICORN BOOM is the first product in a series of collaboration projects between birdkids and Wellental.

Who Is Wellenvogel?

Wellenvogel is the collaboration between birdkids and Wellental (Vienna based, analog Guru, DI Sebastian Watzinger). The Wellenvogel product line is available exclusively as part of our Workshops. It involves hands-on assembly, developing a theoretical understanding and guided customization of the circuit. Make it your own.

Birdkids Unicorn Boom is available now for pre-order as an assembled version for 199€ (first batch July) or 209€ (second batch August). A DIY version is available exclusively during workshop events.

More information here: Birdkids

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