Stellr Is A New AUv3 Shimmer Effect For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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Georgi Georgiev, developer of the Vatanator drum machine has today released Stellr, a new AUv3 shimmer effect for iOS. Stellr’s engine is based on three different effect processors: pitch-shifter, delay, and reverb.

These can be used individually or together for shimmer-like sounds.



Stellr is a pitch-shifter/delay/reverb sound processor aimed to recreate the classic shimmer effect. It makes deep ethereal ambiance on top of your sound, providing you with a wide variety of sonic possibilities. Add a new dimension to your music.

The effect features 15 ready to use presets which can be shared between devices as well as randomize button for endless variations. When loaded as Audio Unit effect, all parameters can be automated via host app.


  • Pitch shifter which can be fine-tuned or snapped to a semitone
  • Two separate delays for creating a complex feedback effect
  • LFO modulation and different types of reverb
  • Set pre-gain and dry/wet levels
  • Audio Unit Extension, Audiobus, Inter-App Audio support
  • 15 built-in presets
  • Ability to save and randomize parameters
  • Import and export of user presets
  • Real-time frequency spectrum visualizer

Stellr is available now for iPhone and iPad for $4.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: Stellr

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