mLFO lets you supercharge your iOS music apps with programmable MIDI LFOs

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Not enough modulators in your favorite iOS app, supercharge it with mLFO, a new AUv3 MIDI effect app with 16 programmable LFOs. 

With modulation or automation you can create movement in your sounds. It is also what makes music livelier and more varied. So-called modulators can be found in synthesizers, effects, but also directly in DAWs like Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio… This applies to every platform, even the most mobile iOS.

Achilleas Sourlas aka Axart has released a new app on iOS that let you supercharge your favorite Synthesizer, effect… apps with more LFOs. Or the apps that have too few modulators onboard.



The app is based on AudioKit, a clever framework with which you can develop your first app much faster and easier. mLFO offers 16 programmable advanced MIDI LFOs. Every LFO features a bunch of shapes (sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, ramp /18, ramp 1/4, and ramp 1/2), and set of different controls: max and min values, rate, and phase. They also support a wide rate range from 1/128 to 130442 beats

It runs as a standalone app or as a AUv3 MIDI plugin. The second is the better variant because it is easier to integrate into the setup. Another advantage is that you can launch multiple instances of the app in AUM or any other iOS DAW. That means you are not limited to the 16 LFO outputs of the standalone version, you can also use 32 or 48. You are only limited by the number of MIDI CCs.

Further, you get two trigger modes: either by the host so you can sync an LFO to the host’s playback or manually via MIDI note. The linked video shows it in action. A very simple but effective app with which you can get more out of every other music making app with MIDI CC support. (synthesizer, effect…).

Axart mLFO is available now for $2,99 USD from the Apple AppSore and runs on iOS and macOS (M1)

More information here: AppStore

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