True Space Music! Kraftwerk Meets ISS Astronaut Alexander Gerst For A Jam!

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The electronic band Kraftwerk and the German astronaut Alexander Gerst redefine space music during a concert in Stuttgart!

Kraftwerk, the icon of electronic music has always been in favor of breaking new ground. Was that the music with electronic instruments or even with robots. Also in 2018, they are good for one or the other surprise. During a concert in Stuttgart they have a livestream to the ISS space station. There is currently the German astronaut Alexander Gerst on a long mission.

This was not a normal livestream but in the manner of Kraftwerk, they make music together. Alexander Gerst made music here with a simple tablet (iPad, windows tablet…) at a hight of 400 kilometers while accompanying Kraftwerk. For me personal a very exciting moment because it shows that you can make music with an tablet anywhere. The more intense moment when you know that this person is 400km above us and makes music from there.

Many are enthusiastic about space music (Tangerine Dream etc.) but that’s the true space music! Kraftwerk once again shows in my opinion why they are the pioneers of modern music in these few minutes. They break boundaries and show what is possible with our technology today.

More information here: Kraftwerk 

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