Arturia Synclavier V2 Is Out! FREE Update With Sample Playback, Re-Synthesis & More!

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The second version of the Arturia Synclavier V Synthesizer plugin is a FREE update which transforms it in a vintage digital sampler, adds re-synthesis possibilities & more!

One of the most popular Arturia Synthesizer plugin is the Synclavier V which emulates the legendary Synclavier FM Synthesizer from 1975. With the second version, the developers go on and show what is possible with our today’s technology. The new version features now straightforward designed sample playback engine. This transforms the Synclavier V in a new powerful hybrid instrument where users can use samples and synthesis at the same time. Very cool is here that the samples are play back not in a modern way but with a bit of grain that gives you the sound character of a vintage digital sampler.

That’s not all. Beside the new sampler feature, the new Synclavier V2 comes also with an excellent re-synthesis feature that allows you to analyse your samples and to transform them in waveforms. This expands massively the sound design possibilities of this Synthesizer. On top it comes with classic sounds from the New England Digital sample libraries, smaller new features, improvements and bugfixes. In my opinion, a great update for the Synclavier V that makes this synth even more powerful. Check out below my first look video!


With version 2, Synclavier V has taken the next step in becoming the most authentic, powerful Synclavier emulation ever made. You are now free to use sample playback and resynthesis capabilities of Synclaiver V to their full creative extend, just as Cameron Jones envisaged, without worry about the limitations of hardware.

Features At A Glance

  • Resynthesis with up to 100 analysis points
  • Sample playback mode
  • Time line improvements :
    • 50 additional frames (100 in total)
    • frame speed offset (global)
    • frame tuning parameter addition
    • Loop mode
    • Frames can now be synced to host BPM grid
    • Ability to move only one frame on the timeline by Shift + Drag.
    • Solo/Copy/Paste/Delete workflow rework for timeline.
  • Modulations’ tab improvements : addition of Vibrato and Stereo LFO, Amp and Harm envelope as modulation sources.
  • Keys dynamics improvements : choose Keyboard, Velocity or Modwheel as input sources.
  • New copy/paste modes : only one selected tab or all tabs.
  • Cosmetics improvements : LFOs in screen view, envelopes global offsets, tabs order, merge FX and setting pages, timeline real time feedback, ruler auto-zoom, envelopes and timeline bound scroll.
  • New opening mode for hardware upper panel by clicking on top.
  • Harmonic phase histograms are now display in degree (-179°/+180°).
  • More template presets with a HQ Simple Sine
  • Presets leveling and assignation of modwheel and sustain pedal
  • All former settings page parameters are now stored in presets

Arturia Synclavier V2 is available now for download for PC & Mac (VST/AU/AAX). The update v2 is free of charge for existing users of the Synclavier V Synthesizer.

More information here: Arturia 

Available here: Arturia Synclavier V 

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