ARTURIA released V-Collection 5 – Synclavier, new GUI’s and more stuff

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On Thursday, ARTURIA released their new version of the V-Collection 5. V-Collection is a bundle of different vintage Synthesizer modelled as plugin version. In this new version, you can find a excellent emulation of the Synclavier and some other new instruments. One of the highlights of this new bundle is the wonderful Piano V. A lot of people wrote me: oh no again a piano plugin. Yes but i must say here: it’s not a sampled instrument but a physical modelling piano which gives you the total control of your piano design. A sample library of a piano is limited in the recordings but here you can go further. You can design a glass piano or some more experimental piano sounds.

One of the best news and most wanted updates are the GUI’s of the old plugins. In this new V-Collection5, ARTURIA replaced the old GUI’s and remake the entirely interfaces of the plugins. Now the plugins are better readable and you can use it better. They have now a 2016 touch. For me this update and bug fixes, gives this awesome instruments a new image and maybe also a second chance for your music production. What you get now in this collection is big. Users of the V-Collection 4 can upgrade for a better price to V-C5 or can also update only for a lower price the GUI of the plugins. 

Here is an overview of the new content of the bundle.  I have produced some videos to show you the new instruments which you receive if you update to V-Collection 5.

ARTURIA Synclavier V 

Synclavier V is a wonderful emulation of the legendary hardware FM Synthesizer. This new plugin comes with 450 presets sounds and is based on the original code. So you receive the original Synclavier Synthesis engine for a lot of less money than the original hardware edition. For making it better, ARTURIA added a full additive synthesis part with a time slice engine for dynamic additive synthesis. Due of the computer possibilities, the developers expand the number of partials in Synclavier V to 12. The old hardware one has only 4 partials. For adding some more touch to your sound, you can add some excellent effects to your sounds. With velocity and aftertouch, you can create some expressive sounds. 


Farfisa V is a physical modelling instrument modelling the unqiue characteristics of the Farfisa combo organs that helped define the Top 40 sounds of the ’60s – complete with enhancements that help you forge new sonic territory today. Farfisa V sounds awesome and gives you the real sound of this instruments for your PC or Mac. You can hear it in my video how good it sounds. 


The B-3 V is an emulation of the the prestige organ B-3. The instruments is developed with the latest physical modelling technology. 

  • Dual manual interface 
  • Each manual has separate MIDI channel preferences
  • 9 Drawbars per manual 
  • 3 modeled chorus and vibrato settings 
  • Separate upper and lower ON/OFF
  • Preamp drive 
  • Modelled rotary speaker emulator 
  • Advanced controls for adjusting the model 
  • Convolution based Reverb 
  • Traditional Leslie performance controls 
  • Swell pedal 
  • Percussion controls 
  • Output effects (Volume, Wah Auto-Wah, Flanger, Compressor, Chorus, Analog Delay) 
  • New Advanced Drawbar modulators 
  • 86 Factory presets 
  •  … 

The B-3V sounds absolute stunning and is better than sample libraries due of the physical modelling technology behind the plugin. This gives you freedom in your sound. If you doesn’t love the presets, you can create you own organ sounds.

Here is my video demo of the ARTURIA B-3 V Organ Emulation


Piano-V is a very special instrument. I got here some answers from people like this one: Not again a piano plugin. I can calm you because this piano plugin can do more than all average sample library. The library is based on the latest physical modelling technology. Piano V can sound like a standard Piano but also like an experimental piano instrument. With the engine, you can create your personal piano instrument. The physical modelling aspect gives you a real and big freedom to create new piano sounds. Additional the microphone positions can modify the sound of your piano radically.

  • Advanced Physical Modelling engine (no static samples) 
  • 9 different Piano models like Concert Grand, Piano-bar Upright, Glass Grand …) 
  • Customisable Action settings (Global string tension … )
  • Velocity Curve editor to match your keyboard action 
  • Customisable Mechanical noises  (Pedal Noises, Key Noises and Hammer Noise)
  • Mechanics (Lid position, Soundboard resonance) 
  • Multiple microphone positions 
  • Microphone Mixer 
  • Convolution Room simulator with 14 room types 
  • Output parametric EQ
  • 35 Factory Presets
  • Easy to use Midi mapping 

Here is my video demo of the Piano V. Sorry for my bad piano skills. I hope it’s fine for you.

The Final new instrument in this V-Collection 5 is the ARTURIA Stage-73 V. It’s an emulation of the most popular electric piano on the planet. It’s also physical modelled and sounds great. 

  • Advanced Physical modeling engine (no static samples)
  • Stage and Suitcase models
  • Stage model features
    • Fender Rhodes™ Stage 73 1973 and earlier (Tone)
    • Fender Rhodes™ Stage 73 1974 and later (Bass Boost)
    • Fender Twin amp
  • Modeled spring reverb
  • Effects are post output circuits
  • Output effects where you can change the orderVolume, wah, auto-wah
  • Flanger
  • Compressor
  • Chorus
  • Analog Delay
  • Advanced mode for editing the model itselfHarmonic profile selections
    • Velocity curve editor
    • Tone bar resonance
    • Pickup distance
    • Tuning
    • Pickup alignment
    • Damper distance
    • Dynamic range
    • Hammer hardness
    • Hammer noise
  • 80 factory presets
  • Easy to use MIDI mapping
Here is my video about the ARTURIA Stage-73 V. Also here sorry for my bad piano skills.

If you want to purchase the full version of the V-Collection 5 or the upgrade to this new awesome version, please visit this links. If you are 100% sure to buy it, please use the links. 

Full VersionARTURIA V-Collection 5

For users of one of the V-Collections (not Classics): ARTURIA V-Collection 5 Upgrade

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