AGONIZER, A Big Bass Synth For iOS From Jakob “haQ attaQ” Haq

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With Agonizer, YouTuber Jakob “haQ attaQ Haq“ has published his first designed Synthesizer app for iOS in collaboration with Numerical Audio.

For many readers and viewers, the job of journalists and YouTubers sounds like a dream. Every day surrounded by the latest synths, plugins, apps, etc. For me, it’s a job like any other. With the difference, I’ve made my hobby my job, I hope so forever. Even if we talk about synthesizers every day, we don’t have the power to design and develop our own synth.

However, it is possible to team up with developers and bring something unique to the start based on their ideas. YouTuber Hainbach did this for its two new plugins, Fundamental Synthesizer, and Wires, for example. Both releases show that when musicians are on board, the products have significantly different concepts and ideas. Jakob Haq known as “haq attaQ”, a long companion of my activity, has now followed Hainbach and also developed his first Synthesizer, of course for iOS.



Jakob Haq has teamed up with the German developer Numerical Audio to make Agonizer a reality. Agonizer is a big bass Synthesizer or in the words of the developers, a badman thing. It uses two morphable wavetable oscillators with more than 40 wavetables that can be cross-modulated (X-Mod). If it’s not fat enough, you can switch on a sub-oscillator and noise generator to add more body and character to the sound. Then you can mix up the signal with a pre-filter drive, crush, push, and lift effects before it goes on into the ladder-style filter.

Effects & Connections

Two effects (vintage chorus, digital delay) round off your sounds. And who knows Numerical Audio, these effects sound excellent. Agonizer ships with 140 monophonic MPE controllable bass presets designed by Jakob. The app features AUv3, IAA support, Audiobus, and Ableton Link support. Anything else would have surprised me.

Jakob had involved me in beta testing, so I was able to look at the app a little earlier. The app interface not only looks wild, it sounds like it too. Agonizer sounds fantastic and is a must-have for all iOS Synthesizer friends. A real raw-sounding bass beast.

Agonizer is available now for $9.99 USD on the Apple AppStore.

More information here: Numerical Audio

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